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After the immense success of Tech-Himalayan I, we are delighted to announce the commencement of its next chapter. Mark your calendars now for Digital Punch’s Digital Marketing Training Program Workshop II for Small business owners, Startups, Entrepreneurs and for the individuals who wish to understand major modules of Digital Marketing.

Workshop: Aug 27, 2022








04 Days Practical Training 

Venue: Ozone House, LSC 1, A3 Block Janak Puri, New Delhi – 58

About Digital Marketing Training Workshop

This is an advanced Digital Marketing Workshop. It is appropriate for : 

  • Marketing Directors/VP/GM/Managers
  • SME Business Owners
  • Marketing  Agency CEO/Founders/Owners
  • Startup Founder Members 

Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training Workshop in Delhi

Brief on Workshop

It has been analysed that more than 70% of Indian Start-Ups,  SMEs & Business Owners do not know how to market their products & services effectively. This generally happens due to low marketing budget and sometimes due to lack of sound knowledge in marketing methodologies.

Our mission is to help endeavours to reach their maximum potential and reach by implementing right marketing strategies within their capacity in terms of budget and limited time frame. Digital Punch is conducting ‘Digital Marketing Training Program Chapter II for Small business owners, Startups, Entrepreneurs and for the individuals who wish to understand major modules of Digital Marketing. We are going to discuss and share a few master tips that will help companies and businesses to grow up. Furthermore, one can give training to one's own team.

Workshop Modules

04 Days Digital Marketing Training Workshop  (27th- 30th November 2022).

Timings 10 AM - 5 PM Daily.


Google Business

Learn the most crucial and important chapters of Google Analytics. Topics that will be covered:


  • Google Analytics, Webmaster, Console.
  • Google Maps & Reviews
  • Keyword Planner and Tools.
  • Google AdWords.
  • Google Shopping Merchant.

Search Engine Optimisation

Get your business at the top of search engines by using the latest methods of SEO. Topics that will be covered:


  • Search Engine Validation
  • Keyword Density
  • Google Fetch
  • Robots.txt
  • Structured Data Testing & Markup
  • Google Page Speed

Organic Marketing Methods

Organic Marketing refers to the act of getting your customers to come to you naturally over time, rather than ‘artificially’ via paid links or boosted posts. You’ll learn several tips and tactics based on Organic (Free) Marketing methods. Topics that will be covered:


  • Preparing Monthly Organic Marketing Activity Chart
  • Creating 30+ external links for your site /app
  • Organic Reach via Social Media Sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Others)
  • Free Email Bulk Marketing

B2B & B2C Leads

A very important module which we are going to cover up is the generation of  B2B/B2C Leads for your products/services. Topics that will be covered are:-


  • Identifying the right target audience
  • Online Marketing Research
  • Generating Leads through Instagram & Facebook
  • Generation Leads through Google AdWords
  • Generating business leads via Organic Methods
  • Generating Leads via LinkedIn

Practical Training Program

First of its own kind of digital marketing training program wherein all the modules will be practically implemented on the participant's website and social media pages.

Based on Tips & Tricks

Entire workshop is based on tips and tricks and participants need no prior skills or background in digital marketing. However, having prior knowledge will be beneficial.

Instant Business Returns

All the participants will get free access to softwares worth $ 700. In addition, B2B/B2C leads will be generated for their product/services. Hence, this gives instant business.

Fee Structure 

About the Trainer

Kunwar Devender Singh is an online marketing expert from IDM (Australia). Kunwar is the founder of Digital Punch and has more than 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Kunwar is the founder of  Brave Hearts Welfare Foundation, Save Earth and OTS Group. A commerce graduate from Pune University and an MBA from Symbiosis, Kunwar started his career in 2004 with Walmart (San Francisco) and has served companies like Zee Network, Micromax, Zen, Videocon and headed marketing and business development.

See What our Participants Say

Tech-Himalayan is better than all other marketing programs. The trainer taught me the basics of digital marketing and lead generation. He made it easier like never before. Special thanks to Team Digital Punch.

Rahul Goyal

Director , DAMN-VR

Tech-Himalayan is a realistic and goal-oriented program. The most important thing I learnt in the workshop is how to generate leads and increase ROI.

Vivek Kumar

Software Engineer

Tech-Himalayan was a different program altogether. I am able to practically implement whatever the trainer has taught in the workshop. It has helped me a lot. Thanks to Kunwar Devender Singh for all his important tips regarding digital marketing. I have been benefited most by the one on one session on the last day of the program.

Sadiya Khan

Graphic Designer

Tech-Himalayan is a very engaging workshop. I learnt powerful SEO techniques and how to boost my business. The trainer Dev put in his 100% and had a clear vision of what to deliver in the program. I liked how he prepared checklists and a schedule for each day.

Manan R Dattah

Director , knockout Club

Tech-Himalayan had the perfect balance of theory and practice. The presentations were very engaging. Thanks for paying attention to our individual questions and giving us time in person. The website development module was the most important learning for me.

Udai Singh

Director , Tapps Industries

The workshop Tech-Himalayan provided some of the most easy-to-use tools and techniques for the development of a  robust and mobile-friendly website. I have learned a lot at the event. Thanks so much for your valuable training. I really enjoyed it and appreciated that you kept a friendly vibe all the time.

Yash Kesaria

Director , Vithlani Physiotherapy

I enjoyed the entire learning process thoroughly. I am taking back good skills and everlasting memories from Tech-Himalayan. The team Digital Punch is great. I look forward to joining the next chapter of Tech-Himalayan for sure.

Gurvinder Kaur

Travel Blogger , Agapeless

Tech-Himalayan really has simplified lead generation and digital marketing skills for me. The trainer provided some really simple, easy to follow and practical methods for us to use in our work lives. I am looking forward to your next event.

Ram Sharma

Director , Infoage Technology

Tech-Himalayan was great and the management teams were so approachable. I had many expectations for the event and honestly, the trainer taught us way beyond our expectations. The one-on-one session on the last day of the program was the most beneficial wherein I discussed my business model with him and I have received some very important tips. I would love to attend the next chapter of the event.


Director , Him Troops

Frequently Asked Questions

How Digital Punch Training Workshop is different?

Generally, no digital marketing training workshop is based on practical implementation. Digital Punch Digital Marketing Workshop is the only program that implements all the training modules then and there on participant's website and social media pages. 

What do you mean by free access to softwares worth $700?

At the time of the training, digital punch’s trainer will give 03 months free access to all the participants. All software are premium versions and presently cost $700. These softwares will help you in various digital marketing aspects like :

  • Paid & Organic Keywords Analysis. 
  • Competitors Analysis 
  • Video Development Softwares 
  • Branding tools 
What time will the training start?

Training is for 04 days starting from 27th – 30th November 2018. Timings are 10 AM – 5 PM. 

Who all can be part of this workshop ?
  • Startup owners
  • SME's owners
  • Working Professionals
  • Corporate Marketing Team
  • Agency Owners
I just want to attend any single module. Is that possible?

You can select any single module out of all four of them as per your interest. But, there will be no concession in the program fees. 

I am an employee in an MNC, will you help me to get this training program funded by my company?

Digital Punch cannot help any corporate employees to get the program fee sanctioned by the company. However, we can send them a brief about the workshop and its benefits. 

We have LIMITED SEATS.Register Now.

Our mission is to help endeavours to reach their maximum potential and increase their reach by implementing the right marketing strategies within their capacity in terms of budget and limited time frame. Hence, we are inviting only 20 participants from all across India.

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