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Established in 1996, VIPL has over 27+ software products & 24,000+ customers across INDIA

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About Visual infosoft

Visual InfoSoft Private Limited (VIPL) is one of the leading healthcare software companies in INDIA. Very few doctors, hospitals, pharmacies or retail outlets are using software due to unavailability of proper & easy-to-use software. Established in 1996, VIPL has over 27+ software products & 24,000+ customers across India. Our major source of business is through referrals. Our time-tested and easy to use software has helped us to achieve huge targets. Majority of our customers are in Gujarat, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore & few other cities of India. We see huge potential in this software across INDIA. For this, we are looking for 'Channel Partner' in major cities of INDIA.

Business Opportunity

Hardly 2% of the healthcare, retail organised sector is computerised.

In the modern era of technology, every consultant doctor needs patient appointment, clinical management, indoor management, health records, billings & accounting software.

After the implementation of GST in India, every retail business and organised sector required billing & accounting software.

Almost everyone from a pharmacist, hospital, clinic to a mobile shop and restaurant, requires software solutions. Hence, this is a huge business opportunity which needs to be tapped.


An unparalleled business opportunity with initial investment between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh with 30%-50% min. profit margin.

Recession-Proof Industry

Despite the downturn in any economy, healthcare professionals have been repeatedly told that their careers are recession-proof.

Best Product Available In Industry

Visual Infosoft has developed the most effective CRM software with extremely user-friendly interface.

High Profit Margin

Profit Margin starts from 30% and there is a huge income through yearly renewal of software. 

Highest Number Of Users

Visual Infosoft caters to over 24,000 client base in INDIA.

27+ different products to sell

27+ different software products suitable for every type of healthcare and retail segment. 

Training & Branding Support

Visual Infosoft will provide training to all distributors and support through online & offline marketing. 

Eligibility & Process 

Any company or an individual from Medical, IT & Software may apply for the channel partner of VIPL. Furthermore, the process is as follows: 

  • The channel Partner will sign an agreement with VIPL.
  • The channel partner will buy advance CRM Software by paying in the Refundable amount of Rs. 1 Lakh – Rs. 5 Lakh (Not mandatory)
  • The channel partner needs to hire a team of 1-5 people depending on the population of the city & region.
  • VIPL will provide initial training on CRM Software to the channel partner.
  • The channel partner will start approaching new & existing
  • Sale of CRM Software to the prospective client.
  • Online support will be provided by VIPL. 

We have customized CRM solutions for :


  • Ophthalmology
  • Physician Software 
  • Paediatrician Software
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Software
  • Dermatologist Software
  • General Surgeon Software


  • ENT Surgeon Software
  • Orthopedic Software
  • Pathology Software
  • Radiology Software
  • Diagnostics Software 
  • Ophthalmology Software
  • Pharmacy Software 

Software for the Hospital having 50+ beds, starting from Rs 1,25,000/- and onwards. Useful for Corporate Hospitals, Trust Hospital, General Hospital, Super Speciality Software and Government Dispensary or Hospital 

VIPL Retail Softwares are available :

  • Optical Store Software
  • Distributor Managment Software
  • Garment Store Software
  • Mobile Shop Software
  • Super Store Software
  • General Store Software


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