Hindustan Times + Digpu Feed News Package


Get Your Brand Story  Published on 200 plus Online News Channels and aggregators. This is a limited time offer. Package cost INR 18,500 + GST. Package is a combination of Tech, Business, Finance, Education, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Health and Travel Industry. 

Global Presence –  Minimum 4 Lakh Impressions within 72 hours of publication

HT + Digpu Feed News package is a combination of 200+ Global news channels and news aggregators like Hindustan Times, Digpu,  Fortune Week, Trendy Bash,  Google News, Morning Herald, The Headline and more. See all channels by clicking on the button below:-

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions 

Read all FAQ’s to understand our news packages, publication guidelines, process and post-publication process. 

Do you provide 'Assured' publication on mentioned news channels?

Yes, we provide 100% Assured Publication at Digital Punch. All news channels mentioned in the description will publish your news article.

What is the process of news publication?
  1. You can select any of the news packages like HT Package, HT + Business Standard Package or Business News Package.
  2. After the successful payments, you need to share content and relevant images for the news publication. The content should be only in word format and images in Jpg, Jpeg or Png format.
  3. Our editorial team will check the content quality and do proofreading. A preview link with final content and image will be shared to you for approval.
  4. After approval of the content, it will be shared with news channels [as per your selected channels] and your story will bepublished.
  5. After publication on the news channels, we take 48 hours to share the entire publication report.

How many days will the publication take?

The publications will only be made on weekdays, i.e. Monday to Friday. So, after the successful payments, we will take a maximum of 2 working days for the publication.

How I can check live links after publication?

After a successful publication, we take 24 hours to share a publication report. A report with all live links as per your selected package will be shared on your provided email address. 

Will the publications remain live forever? Will they ever be archived or deleted ever?

All publications made via Digital Punch will remain live forever. Every news channel that will publish your story will never delete it. However, there are many news channels that archive old stories after 9 or 12 months. Anyhow, the news article link will always be live. 

Who will prepare the news content?

You can share the content or hire a content writer on your own to write the content. We charge INR 4000 + 18% GST per article to prepare the news content. Be assured, our content writers are the best in the industry and prepare newsworthy content.

Can I make edits after publication?

We will share a preview link with you before any publication. You can make edits once at this stage before publication. However, no amendments are possible after publications. 

What is the word limit of news content?

The maximum word limit for the news content is 700 words. Every 100 words over the maximum word limit will be charged at INR 2000 + 18% GST separately.

Can I put my website link in the news content?

Yes, you can give one hyperlink like company website, social media handle, etc in the content. Remember Hyperlinks are acceptable in the channels like Hindustan Times, Livemint, Digpu etc. There are few news channels like Business Standard, Lokmat, Business World, Zee5, ANI etc which do not accept external links.

How many images can be published within content?

We accept a single featured image with every content. You can share a high-resolution image in a landscape format [Recommended size 1200X627 Pixels].

Do you publish stories of an individual's achievements?

Every individual has a right to publish a story based on his own achievements. But remember that you should not furnish any fake or unreproducible details in your story.

I am an Individual and I do not have a GST Number. How to proceed?

18% GST is applicable in all online news publications, whether you have a GST number or not. GST is mandatory as per the Government of India Tax Guidelines.

What if my publication doesn't happen?

We will not publish any article which may be offensive, defamatory, obscene, abusive, pornographic, abusive, hurtful or personal in nature. Also, we won't allow any content which may incite violence or constitute sensitive information that forms a part of the National Security. Apart from that, every article that has been approved by our editorial team will be published within the said timeline. 

Can I provide more than one story under the news package?

We allow only one story to be published per news package. However, you can provide separate headlines as per the news package. Following are the additional charges for publication of different headlines in various packages :

  1. Hindustan Times Package: You can publish 02 separate headlines by paying an additional amount of  INR 5000 + 18% GST.
  2. Hindustan Times + Business Standard: You can publish 03 separate headlines by paying an additional INR 5000 + 18% GST.
  3. Business Package: You can publish 04 separate headlines by paying an additional INR 10000 + 18% GST.

Will you provide Do-Follow links?

No news channel will provide Do-follow links. However, if you are looking for Do-follow type link than you can avail our backlink program. Visit https://digitalpunch.cdn-in.com/guestpost-backlinks/ to know more about the do-follow link package.


Can I insert more than one image?

We only accept a single image as the featured image. However, if it is very necessary to publish more than one image, in that case, it can be done by paying an additional charge of INR 3OOO + 18% GST. 

Can I insert video link like YouTube in my news content?

You can insert YouTube video links within news content by paying an additional amount of INR 6000 + GST.