PR CASE HISTORY : Trion Global

Headline: Trion Global Launches A Series Of Smart LED TVs In India

Press Release Date: 27 Oct 2017

Type Of Client: SME

Industry: Consumer Durable 


Trion Global is an OEM of International quality LED TVs and is coming up with other consumer durable products like Home Theatres and Air Conditioners. They approached Digital Punch for developing a very niche distribution network with an investment between 50 lac- 1 cr and retail franchises with the initial investment of Rs 20 lac. The biggest challenge here was that the TV manufacturing industry is a huge market with big players already ruling the industry. We planned a whole strategy for them starting with the creation of an industry-oriented website, followed by the creation of informative banners, videos and content for organic marketing.

We also suggested the distribution of a Press Release for an enhanced digital presence and market credibility. Also, we suggested that their PR must be distributed in two languages- English and Hindi. This was done so that the information reaches not only the niche people but everyone else who can benefit from the business and the opportunity. Thereafter, their Press Release was distributed on the 27th of October 2017. It announced the launch of a new series of their LED TVs. The founding member of Trion Global, Mr Sumit Bajaj spoke about their vision of bringing affordable LCD TVs to replace all CRTs that exist. Another founder member, Mr Nilesh Malhotra, talked at length about the specifications of the newly launched series and the expansion prospects for the future.


Success and Impact Of PR:

The Press Release was picked up by Google news and comes at the top of google news search results. After the Press Release Distribution, there was an immense increase in the brand reputation and digital presence of Trion Global all across India and abroad. The overall sales of their LED TVs were also pumped up and a large number of inquiries were received for distribution and franchise partnership of Trion Global. As on today, they have 12 distributors and 55 retail franchises PAN India. Trion plans to take the number to 200 by 2019.

Total No. of Publications: 105

The news was distributed all over top Indian News Channels. Furthermore, it was also picked by tech and trade-related portals from the USA, Jakarta, Canada, Indonesia and Malaysia. Out of which:

  • 8 are reputed Trade Publications in India, Canada and the USA such as Tactics, Enterprise IT World, The Retail Times, TMCnet etc
  • 3 are reputed E-Newspapers in Delhi namely The Hawk India, Odisha Sun Times, etc
  • 1 is a Canadian Trade Publication namely Tactics Magazine
  • 1 is a reputed financial data magazine namely the Dalal Street Investment Journal
  • 5 are independent tech blogs in India, Jakarta and Malaysia such as My Jakarta Cafe,Ohsem Me, Vernonchan, TechENT, etc
  • All others are top online news channels and information service portals.

Top Publications: 

  • PR Newswire (English + Hindi)
  • Business Today India
  • India Today
  • PTI
  • Aaj Tak
  • IANS
  • The HANS India
  • VAR India
  • Times Tech
  • Bangalore Waves
  • TMC Net (Trade publication from USA)
  • Digital Conqueror, One News Page, Assignment Editor (Global Tech and Media Portals)
  • Tactics Magazine (A Canadian Trade Publication)
  • My Jakarta Cafe (An Indonesian Blog)
  • Ohsem Me, Vernonchan, TechENT (Malaysian Blogs and News Website)

Total audience reached :

  • No. of Impressions: 446,570 impressions
  • 126.4 K visitors/day totalling to over 2.3 lakh visitors were reached via the Newswire publication since the date of its release.
  • Apart from this, the release is published in several top online news channels and portals which average daily traffic of 45-50K visitors/day.
  • Majority of the audience is from India, USA, UK, Germany, Canada, China, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, Sweden, France, among others.