In conversation with Digpu, Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan talks about how the world of today should have a spiritual perspective and decode the message of the planet.

Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan is a revered spiritual guide, speaker and a well-known social activist. The views not only reflect her spiritual incline but also speaks about some possible solution form a spiritual point of view.

Meenaa believes that humanity might need a deeper understanding of the coming times. Today’s time reminds me of Lord’s words, once spoken to Arjuna “Yada yada hi dharmasye glaanir bhavti bharateh, abhyuthaanam adharmasye tadatmaanam srijamayham”.

The lord says, “Whenever and wherever there has been a threat posed to righteousness in this world or universe, I have appeared to quell it.”

Meenaa further goes on to say that these tough times bring in her, a strange excitement, excitement to see HIM once again, an excitement to witness HIS quelling what is harming the righteousness. But it’s not that easy, unlike the times of Mahabharta, where those who posed a threat to the righteous thoughts, in other words, Dharma, stood on one side and those who were fighting to keep it, on the other.

Social News Digpu - Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan's Spiritual Perspective On COVID-19

In these times, we do not know who is on the other side, but, if one observes closely, one could see HIM set things right and when one starts to see ‘what’ is being set right, one also gets to ‘know’ who and what poses a threat to the righteousness of today’s time.

To enable all of us to see and notice this, let us understand the word Dharma. It definitely does not mean religion, and it definitely is not pointing towards a sect or race. Dharma is what is right, what is obvious, what has always remained, even when nothing remains!

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The truest meaning of Dharma is what is meant to be possessed, something on which every living being on this earth has a right upon and that is to remain happy. Where no one uses the other to gain happiness but co-exists to find happiness… where everyone lives in a personal domain and does not trespass into another’s periphery in other words, where everyone knows ones Maryada and respects the Maryada of the other too. In the battle of Mahabharta, the Lord had declared that although HE will rule the happenings and the result of this great war, HE will not raise even HIS finger to influence the win, leave alone HIS mighty weapons!

About the realisation of faith in real life, Meenaa Mahaajjan says, “Yes, I can see HIM… O Lord, I can see you. I can see you restoring the damage inflicted on Earth’s nature, I can see you define its domain, its periphery. I can see you show the humans their domain, their Maryada, their periphery and YOU are doing this in the politest manner possible. Those who will understand your doings will remain, those who will bow unto you will remain, those who promise You to adhere will remain. O LORD, how I wish to see you in form, as I know that YOU are around, YOU are here in this world that I live, YOU are so near to me that I can smell your fragrance, which is so similar to the fragrance of fresh air, freshwater, fresh ether. “

She further says that the Lord has come down to teach us Dharma once again. Those who wish to know when all this will end must know that this war will end only when we bow down to promise HIM, that we have received the message loud and clear, that we will keep HIS property, HIS world with the utmost care and respect the domain of each living being on this EARTH.

Always remember, we have come on this EARTH of HIS to learn this Dharma, because only then will we know the nuances of living in the world where HE Lives, our Final Abode.

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