No line of credit for your health and education needs ? Ab Rukna Nahi!

How often has it happened that you wish to enrol your kid into a class or take up an online course but you fall short of funds? Have you put off your plans to visit a dentist or delayed buying your medicines? Sometimes we all are out of cash and running out of money perhaps also diverts our focus from the basics like health and education. It calls for a solution that cannot make individuals turn a blind eye to such necessities

Focusing on this core need and with a motto to make lives easier, Mumbai-based fintech platform Eazr is the latest entry in the buy now pay later market. Backed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Eazr aims to provide instant digital credit to its users, enabling them to transact with its merchant partners in the health, fitness, learning, and education sector. Eazr sets to start its operations in Mumbai, Pune & New Delhi in Phase 1.

“Financial constrains or mid-month cash crunch weakens the purchasing power of an individual diverting his or her focus from the basics like health and education. With Eazr we aim to empower the consumer, by bridging in the financial gap and avoid any delay that deprives an individual to access such necessities,” says Sarabjeet Singh, Co-Founder & CEO of Eazr.

For merchants getting up and running with Eazr is hassle-free. With quick custom API integrations and plugins for the popular e-commerce platforms, Eazr integrates directly into the merchants’ retail environment, allowing merchants to offer their products to the end-customers with the exclusive buy now pay later offer.

Eazr promotes purchasing responsibly through its technology and processes as it drives the focus of individuals back to paying heed to health and education. The platform aims to provide 15 days of interest-free credit to its users, helping them not to neglect these basic components of life due to limited funds.

Eazr’s tagline Abb Rukna Nahi, volumes the unstoppable spirit by letting nothing block your path in taking care of yourself and enabling yourself to enhancing your skill sets. Launching its Eazr Partners App this month Eazr eyes May 2021 Launch for its Consumer App on both Android and iOS platforms in India.