In conversation with Digpu, Shilpa Singh discusses her book Medi-Sin Children and her journey towards becoming a life coach. She also talks about how she sees life and what she perceives of it.

Tell us about yourself. What was your life before becoming the author of Medi-Sin Children?

I am Shilpa Singh, a commerce graduate, an MBA by want, a Life coach and entrepreneur by choice. Having worked in corporate at various levels for 14 years I took an informed decision, quit my 9 to 6 job and started working for myself towards my dreams.

Today, I am the Author of my book Medi-Sin Children, a life coach, a speaker, an entrepreneur and a happy mother of 2 lovely kids. I have impacted more than 1000 lives through my book, coaching and speaking engagements in various personal development seminars.

Tell us about Medi-Sin Children. Quite an interesting title, what brought you to it?

Everyone comes across life-changing incidents and moments so powerful that your life gets divided into before and after them. I can count three of them. One of them is when my 1-year-old son fell sick and I witnessed the medical world in true sense. I felt its effect on unsuspecting mothers depending on doctors for their children’s good health. The truth is the doctors are just as helpless as mothers most of the time.

A profound moment when my son was hospitalized for a minor sickness, I couldn’t bear his pain and discomfort in the way he was being handled. This made me realize that there had to be a different way. So, I began to research alternatives.

My research brought me across wonderful work by leading professionals in the field of natural healing who have shown that a mother can raise a healthy child without a doctor. Armed with this information, I changed my lifestyle and prepared my body better for my second pregnancy. The knowledge I acquired taught me a lot about childbirth and raising healthy children. Today, I have two healthy children – a boy and a girl.

I wrote this book to share my findings from hard, careful research and my own experience. Considering the enormous health benefits my kids received, I felt the need to document this journey in Medi-Sin Children and help mothers looking for alternative ways to take charge of their own health.

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How did you get into what you do right now?

I was looking for a path to feel significant, guidance in the right direction, support and ample motivation to take my life forward. Until recently, I only thought about myself and my family, I realized my inner happiness and fulfilment comes not by only focusing inwards but from contributing and focusing outwards.

As they say what you seek is seeking you .exactly when I started searching for answers of my existence, my purpose and meaning of life, I came through life coaching and my journey towards transformation began.

How did life coaching come to you?

I wrote Medi-Sin Children to be a force-multiplier towards creating an impact in the world. I always thought about what legacy will I leave behind when I am no more, legacy in terms of what I did for people and how I made them feel. What better way to do this than to write a book. My book will be there always for people to get inspired even when I am not there. I am creating a tribe on my Instagram handle @shilpa_impactinglives.

I am a life coach and this book is my first step towards transforming lives by passing on my knowledge and experience to mothers looking for alternatives that can help them raise their children confidently without depending too much on medications. The least that a mother deserves is feeling more confident and unstressed as she raises her most precious gift.

Shilpa Singh ends the conversation with Digpu with a smile of hope.

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