The paranormal helpline number 9999518600 started by ‘The Paranormal Company’ provides free assistance for spreading awareness against blind faith, superstitions, black magic, witchcraft and overall paranormal awareness.

Quarantine life in the time of COVID-19 pandemic is giving a variety of experiences to people. But, for a 23-year-old girl living alone in a flat in Kandivali, Mumbai the experience is quite haunting. Locked down alone for more than a month, this college student claims to see ghosts often in her flat.

Feared and annoyed, she chose to call upon India’s first paranormal helpline number and shared her experience. The helpline number is brought up by Jay Alani, India’s well-known paranormal investigator. When he investigated her case, he found that those binge-watching horror movies, series and listening to podcasts back-to-back, led her to create a fictional character in her mind.

Receiving Calls On The Paranormal Helpline

Jay has been receiving over 8 to 10 calls daily on an average out of which 90% of the cases are similar to this one. The number of cases of blind faith and superstition is increasing rapidly in India. To spread awareness among people of India against the blind faith, superstition, black magic and mesmerism, Jay Alani launched this paranormal helpline number around two months ago and he has been receiving a number of calls daily.

He has been receiving various calls of people claiming to see a ghost, hearing some unusual noise, or feeling that someone is constantly watching them, during this quarantine period.

“In most of the cases, I have found that person who claims to experience any such unusual incident has been watching horror films and series during this lockdown period. After questioning them about their daily routine, family history, past trauma etc, I and my team of psychologists found out that many of them actually create a fictional ghost in their mind”, said Jay Alani who has been a full-time paranormal investigator for last many years and has investigated over 100 haunted locations and looked after over 150 paranormal cases.

A Paranormal Helpline In India, Yes You Read It Right

The paranormal helpline number 9999518600 belonging to ‘The Paranormal Company‘ provides free assistance to spread awareness against blind faith, superstitions, black magic, witchcraft and overall paranormal awareness to the following people:

  • People who claim to encounter a ghost or any other paranormal incident around them.
  • People who have doubts or curiosity to know about ghosts, spirits, black magic or anything related to the paranormal world
  • People who feel their house, villa or flats are haunted and are encountering unusual incidents

As per Jay Alani, “The main motive behind this helpline number is to provide scientific solutions to those who are encountering any unusual incidents or have any question about the paranormal world. We see that black magic and mesmerism are propagated and advertised openly in India. People usually fall in the trap of such Babas, Tantriks and Ojhas due to lack of knowledge.”

According to NCRB data, India has seen killings of 2290 persons, mostly women for practising witchcraft between the year 2001 and 2014. Jharkhand tops the chart of witch-hunting murders in India. 27 women in Jharkhand were lynched after being accused of witchcraft in the year 2016. Tribal- dominated states like Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Telangana are the worst affected states.

Jay Alani – A Renowned Paranormal Investigator

Jay Alani is a renowned Indian full-time paranormal investigator. He has investigated over 100 haunted locations like Bhangarh fort, Kuldhara, Lambi Dehar Mines in Mussoorie, etc. Jay Alani’s podcast ‘Paranormal Reality’ streaming over popular platforms like Gaana, Spotify, iTunes, Wynk etc. has been heard over 12 Million times and counting. He has also created a two-season non-fiction horror web-series ‘Dark Destinations’ streaming on the OTT platform ‘Watcho’.

Jay Alani’s book ‘Haunted’ co-authored by Neil D’ Silva and published by Penguin India, talks about his real-life encounters with ghosts and spirits. Jay has also initiated a paranormal volunteer programme targeting over 1000 volunteers in India to spread awareness about the paranormal reality and the real truth behind the paranormal world to protect people from falling in the trap of black magic, witchcraft and such Babas, Tantrik and Ojha.

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