IM Branding is an international Marketing agency headquartered in the United Kingdom. With a clear vision of bringing transparency in the industry, the brand strives to be celebrated as a multidisciplinary marketing agency

IM Branding incepted in the year 2018 with great passion towards a positive transformation towards the industry. IM stands for Indian Made and the company’s slogan is – ‘Be A Brand Yourself Before Branding Anyone’. They kickstarted their business after availing Mudra Loan of 5 lakhs from UCO Bank. In no time, the company soon expanded its wings to the UK as well. 

Dalson Zacharia Samuel, CEO, IM Branding shared his journey and said, “When we shared our dream project with UCO Bank, they were very positive and willing to associate with us. Without their never-ending support and encouragement, we would have never made this possible. We are always grateful to the bank for being the pillar of support to our humble beginnings.”

Cutting down all unnecessary expenditures is one of the most important and arduous tasks in any successful venture. In conversation about this, Dalson says,” The future of work is Work From Home (WFH). We started it way before companies were forced to imbibe it in their functioning. Not only did we save the infrastructural costs, but the employees also feel more comfortable and productive in their own spaces. Presently, we have employees who are working virtually from around the globe because we believe in the optimum use of technology.”

IM Branding Aims To Be Company Of The Century, says CEO Dalson Samuel

IM Branding is all set to expand its business and to meet the day-to-day needs of every customer through the growing technology applications. The company has been successfully running its mobile app – IM Profile for the entertainment and media industry globally, for the past few months. 

IM Profile is an all-in-one mobile application that aims to build a digital influencer system.   It is ready to launch a mobile application known as ‘IM Connect’ by the end of 2020. IM Connect will be a single app that integrates with all other services and is going to be the only paid social networking app to date. 

Not stopping at this, they are also entering the Film and OTT industry with IM Films and IM Ads in the near future. IM Films is an OTT-Service provider within the IM Connect app. There will be five production houses under the name ‘IM studios’ and will be providing content to IM Films. The company plans to invest the revenue of one vertical into the execution of the other. A portion of the revenue generated through IM connect will be utilized by IM studios for unique content production.

Furthermore, IM Ads is an online advertising service that helps advertisers to personalize and customize advertising.  The users can place ads through products such as IM Profile, IM connect, IM Buzz, IM News and IM Booking, IM Music.  As part of the expansion, the technical apps and services will be improvised on the go. IM Branding aims to be recognised as the most impactful social media company in the global market. The company already owns several top brands in the UK namely Crochie Clothing Brand, Plan Your Adventures and IM Super Market. 

There is no doubt that IM Branding will soon carve out its niche in the market. According to Dalson Samuel, “ We live in a world created by others. For example, Youtube asks us to create a youtube channel, Facebook says to create a page and Instagram says to increase followers thereby make an income. None of these companies ever motivate or inspire us to grow as a business like them and earn. So, when we thought about our brand, we wanted to be different. We wanted to be a self-made brand capable of Monetizing Users Time into Money when they use IM Connect.”

He further stated, “Most of us want to go with the flow, but as a team, we are determined to create a world of our dreams. Most of the graduates aspire to work for International companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. But we want to establish as an Indian company, every job seeker looks for.  Our determination is to grow ourselves as employees’ dream company from India. We envision bringing business from various parts of the world to India and help the national economy to grow.”

For his prospective investors and business partners, Samuel says, “I invite Indian investors to understand this opportunity and convert our mutual vision into reality. We are passionate young Indian brains who are all focused on building ‘IM’ as a brand. We are looking forward to working with more passion-driven visionaries in the future. Internet business will not shut down until the earth shuts down. As an entrepreneur, I am sure of converting this vision into reality; maybe not immediately but absolutely and definitely.”

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