Noble Eden is actively volunteering and bringing together global leaders and partners of ‘The Aum-Lai Chapter’ to discuss the revival of rivers.

Mohit Sinha, Director, Noble Eden is a versatile professional with commendable experience and is renowned in the real estate industry as a young entrepreneur who has redefined benchmarks of success.

Mohit started his professional venture in real estate with the prime objective of revolutionizing the real estate industry with knowledge as business fuel and has been instrumental in taking Noble Eden to new heights with his strong business acumen.

After a successful career in the real estate industry, Mohit is working towards creating awareness about water, soil and air. In economics, the word ‘land’ is used not merely in the sense of the soil or surface of the earth but it stands for all nature, living and lifeless. It includes all free natural resources that we get from air, water and land.

The land is also considered as dignity and identity for some people. Real estate and nature have determining influences in moulding the lives, occupations and standard of living for the people. Thus, all aspects of economics, agriculture, trade and industries are generally influenced by natural resources available in land, water and air. We must take our corporate social responsibility seriously and take care of our natural resources.

Noble Eden under the leadership of Mohit Sinha is actively volunteering and bringing together global leaders and professionals as well as friends and partners of ‘The Aum-Lai Chapter’ from around the world in an open dialogue, under one roof to discuss the water issues faced by our nation and to develop possible strategies as to how to ‘Revive Rivers And River Management’ can become aware and more engaged in initiatives taking place in India.

The rainfall is irregular in nature. Ground water is major source of water and that’s why ground water is declining day by day. It has resulted in the alarming depletion of water level & drastic deterioration in ground water quality.

Water harvesting methods in parks and open spaces involve micro-watershed management methods that allow rainwater infiltration and percolation into the ground. The runoff has to be minimized by providing adequate number of percolation pits and dispersion trenches. Rainwater Harvesting in layouts can be done using the ‘Cascade Capture Method’.

In this process, rainwater can be harvested on a plot or through recharge of ground water. The run-off from the plot could be captured by storm water drains and directed into artificial infiltration or percolation pits. The overflow from the storm water drains and infiltration system could be captured in lakes and tanks.

Noble Eden nurtures ethical and sustainable land economics real estate practices and pledges to protect nature at a global level. It works towards building a road map of management of water resources which will be distributed fairly, equitably and used judiciously. It envisions preserving fresh air and sustainable clean environment for our future generation.

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