In this quarantine, Jamie Villamor has expanded her venture ‘Vegas Bows & Apparel’ from making cheer bows into making stunning fabric masks with eye-catching Swarovski crystals.

Turning different passions into thriving businesses is not everyone’s cup of tea. Jamie Villamor a multi-passionate entrepreneur, is teaching women around the globe on creating successful businesses by tapping into their full potential. Whether it is about being a professional athlete or a gorgeous cover model, this highly skilled entrepreneur has become an inspiration for many.

Jamie Villamor crushes anything she does. As a professional competitive pistol shooter for Rockisland Armory, she is not slowing down anytime soon. Her international matches may have been cancelled for the year but we are blown away at her drive to continue working hard and creating new opportunities.

Since the pandemic, Jamie has been training at home doing dry fire/reload drills with her 1911 single-stack alongside trainer JJ Racaza via FaceTime. We also witnessed her complete a challenge of 100 burpees a day for 30 days in which she took part in to help level up her endurance and strength.

Quarantine has given Jamie Villamor more time to focus on her small business; Vegas Bows & Apparel. Over the past month, she has expanded from making cheer bows into making stunning fabric masks. Her masks have an edge with eye-catching Swarovski crystals. You can find her masks and bows on Etsy at Vegasbows1.

Jamie believes that keeping a positive mindset and being grateful for small things in life is the ultimate secret behind her success. Being a single mom to three kids has helped her keep grounded in tough times when people are fighting for their lives. Jamie is a big supporter of an all-natural lifestyle and her recent obsession includes CBD by shell shock. Jamie states that gummies have been a lifesaver for her. It just helps her to relax and sleep better at night.

Jamie has been taking proper precautions to stay protected from the effect of the virus, by washing hands, sticking to social distancing and wearing her favorite protection, Innocent Armor. Innocent Armor is a premium line of bullet resistant clothing, where style meets protection.  It’s discreet body armor in everyday clothing.  Extremely lightweight and highly resistant to impact, they are NIJ Level IIIA, which is the highest level of protection available in soft body armor. Be on the lookout for Jamie’s 2021 calendar. Presales are available on her website and she will be donating a portion of the proceeds back to a local Las Vegas charity.

Jamie Villamor is active on her TikTok. To know more about her, visit

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