Unnati India is also involved in working on issues such as woman empowerment, health and hygiene of women etc.

Unnati India is a voluntary non-profit organization which has been working on providing educational support in Hyderabad since January 2020. They believe that if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. However, if you teach him how to fish he will never go hungry again.

With this motive, Unnati India works on providing practical hands-on skill-based education to teenagers and young adults from underprivileged families so they can grow up to be skilled workers and provide for their families. They also help set up small scale industries by helping them with capital investment and providing them with start-up raw material.

Apart from this, Unnati India is pro-actively involved in working on issues such as woman empowerment, health and hygiene of women etc.

Their current focus is on the safety of people in various states in India where they are helping with providing basic necessities to people who do not have access to these amenities amid the lockdown due to COVID-19. Unnati India re-created the song ‘Muskurayega India’ with various artists from across the countries in an effort to bring hope back into the lives of all Indians.

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The song focuses on how the pandemic will soon be over and we shall all be able to live normal lives and gain victory over this virus that has bought the whole world on its knees. It has been sung by Aryaman Sethi, Akanksha Sethi, Charvi Arora, Chelsi Behura, Pooja Mehta, Udit Saxena and Shivansh Jindal. The mixing has been done by Karan Singh with Aryaam Sethi on Piano, Soummendra Goswami playing the sitar and Shivrudra Singh on the flute.

All these young artists have created this song from their own homes to tell the nation that we may be maintaining social distancing but we stand united in this fight against Covid -19 and this war cry has been appreciated by the likes of DJ Chetas and Viral Bhayani too who shared this song.

This melodious track has successfully brought smiles on the faces of millions of people that had been struggling with the mental and physical consequences of the lockdown and has given people a hope that the rainy days shall soon be over and the sun will shine again upon all of us.

To watch the video, visit https://youtu.be/v1ncFWxOufM.

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