Dipika Rana wants to become an actress and is realising her dream by creating unique content on the short-video platform Likee

It is not very often that a person chalks out a well-thought-of career plan at an early stage in life. But 19-year-old Dipika Rana is one such motivated individual who aspires to become an actress and is in the thick of things about what it would take to realise her dreams.

The vivid details of Dipika Rana’s elaborate plan and determination to learn things quickly can give serious competition to people even double her age. Today, Dipika is a famous face on Likee, the pioneering global short video creation platform by Singapore-based BIGO Technology Pte Ltd – with a whopping 11.08 million fans. She is well-admired by her fans and is known for her unique video making styles that entertain her fans to the fullest.

Dipika loved dancing and acting since a very young age. Her brother was her first and the best fan she has. He was the one to introduce Dipika to Likee and encouraged her to showcase her talent to the world via the platform. She instantly connected with the app as she saw many like-minded creators making videos and getting appreciation for their efforts. But she did not own any phone. Curious as a cat, she borrowed her father’s phone to download Likee because she knew this was something that would help her in achieving her dreams.

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Dipika had limited access to the phone because her father would be on his job for most hours of the day. But whenever she did have the phone in her hand, she would make videos for Likee. Her efforts so far were reaping her good results. Slowly and gradually, she started to earn fans on the platform. Her interest grew with love and admiration from her fans, and she began to take part in every trending topic on Likee, including online challenges. Her efforts and dedication won her her-first-ever mobile phone via a Likee challenge. Now, she could make videos whenever she wanted to. This win was a significant step towards making her dream a reality on Likee.

Along with making videos, now she could also do some research on what would garner her more fame. Her sister Isha Rana, who is also present on Likee, hinted that more or less everyone was creating similar videos. This not only made Dipika understand that she had to have a different flavour in her videos to stand apart from the crowd, but also acted as an inspiration to bring about the desired changes.

Soon she embraced a new video making style that transformed her Likee journey and made her a top-rated Likee video creator. Dipika Rana says “The goal of my life is to become an actress and I have already established my identity in the field because of Likee.” She further said, “I find every Likee challenge very exciting and always try to think out-of-the-box to make unique videos on them.”

Dipika’s journey is a tale of inspiration particularly for young women in India who wish to unshackle the chains of norms that restrict their growth as an artist and moreover as an individual. She is one among the increasing list of female video creators who have made a mark for themselves through apps such as Likee.

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Her fans drive Dipika’s success on Likee and whatever she does raises the bar of her fans’ expectations from her. This has helped her convert her raw talent into something more meaningful. She says “I learn and try different styles of videos. If my fans like a particular style of video, then I feel excited and dig deeper into that kind and create more such videos.”

She is very selective when it comes to creating Likee videos and she is strengthening her position with a peculiar style. Dipika adds,“I am planning something big for my fans on Likee. It is a surprise, so I want them to stay tuned to my Likee channel.”

As a platform, Likee means a lot to Dipika Rana. She is glad that she could still continue making videos when the world unexpectedly had to deal with COVID-19, which even triggered a country-wide lockdown in India. At times, making videos on Likee during lockdown was the only thing that would cheer up Dipika. She says “I advise everyone to join Likee, irrespective of their age. One can earn a good name and money from the comfort of their homes.”

Dipika Rana feels that platforms such as Likee are a great medium for talented people to be discovered and hopes more people like herself would find the path to their dreams through the app.

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