Bengaluru-based crypto exchange startup Tradehorn, announced that it will be launching a new cryptocurrency exchange platform called ‘Tradehorn’ for Indian users in June 2020. The users can now trade, deposit and withdraw in Indian rupees (INR).

“We are here to serve novice traders, who are absolutely new to this & spread awareness of crypto as an Innovation,” said Rahul Vinakiya, Founder and CEO at Tradehorn. Speaking to Digpu, he said Tradehorn’s aim was to simplify things for users, and involve them in the crypto ecosystem with better understanding and reliability.

 “For us, how we measure success of this platform depends on whether my uncle would be able to use this,” he added. Tradehorn aims to educate the Indian masses regarding Crypto Trading in its totality. They want to bring in more people in the Crypto industry in the digitised Post-COVID era.

Rahul hails from a simple Jain family in ballari. Since the onset of his career, he has been handling FMCG & Restaurants business and has been following the crypto industry since its inception in India. He is keen on exploring new businesses globally and explore their hidden potential. While he has always been helping people see the greatness in them, Rahul’s Mantra for success is ‘The Key To Everything Is Patience’ .

Simplifying Crypto Trading For Indian Users

In an attempt to remove intricacies associated with crypto, Rahul said that he plans to create a user-friendly platform in the form of a mobile application. The user-friendly mobile application will have 24×7 customer education and support. This will further fuel TradeHorn’s motto of creating a socio-economy. It will be launched as Tradehorn app on Android and will be available on Apple’s IOS in June 2020 itself.

On asking abour the TradeHorn app, Rahul said, “Our experience is very different from the normal crypto exchanges in India which primarily focus on trading. We, on the other hand, are simply focusing on acquiring users on buying, selling and engaging with cryptocurrencies.”

Recent clarity of RBI on Crypto Currency Banking makes thing easier for Tradehorn. Tradehorn extends its gratitude to the Supreme Court for its revolutionary verdict and hopes that the crypto industry grows like other global market segments and industries under regulated regime.

Ease Of Transactional Processes

He said that they have collaborated with a few banks to process the transactions for their users in a seamless manner. The banks that Tradehorn has partnered with after the Supreme Court verdict are readily available to help crypto start-ups and crypto users.

Few questions are still bothering Cryptocurrency lovers. In light of this, Rahul said, “On the service aspect, there is clarity. However, what about the value at which the currency is brought and sold, whether that is liable to tax or not is a big question,” This is a very important thing which needs to be cleared by the government so that companies and users feel free to start trading. A lot of people don’t know how to get started with crypto, as they are unfamiliar with how the tech implications would work. This clarity would not only help the crypto companies, but also for the users.”

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