In conversation with Digpu, Meenaa Mahaajjan speaks on recovery from the pandemic, life after COVID-19 and how the pandemic brought the world to Indian Traditions.

While life seems to be coming back to normal, it was encouraging to read a research study that there has been a drop in the seismic noise due to human activity shutdown. In fact, many such types of research and studies are proving that there has been a Green Recovery in the past few months.

Meenaa Mahaajjan is a Holistic Wellness Expert and an active proponent of the Vedas and Upanishads. She has been serving the society since the past 26 years now. Her expertise has always been in combining Science and Spirituality seamlessly and delivering individuals an understanding of the natural coexistence and codependence of the two.

In conversation with Digpu, Meenaa Mahaajjan speaks on recovery from the pandemic, life after COVID-19 and how the pandemic brought the world to Indian Traditions. Here are takeaways from the conversation.

While the uncertainty remains and people struggle for their livelihood, we need to realign our priorities. The key areas that have emerged in the priority list to rebuild India and make itself reliant are health and hygiene systems, self-reliant economies, relief for vulnerable groups, cooperative models for ownership and control. 

What we need today, more than anything, is each other! Yes, that is what is going to bail the world out of this situation and ensure the economic recovery in much lesser time. The world is not going to forget the fact that, all on this planet have gone through the pandemic, together, and thus together it will be that we build this world again.

Every trade is entwined even today but hardly do we see people helping the other to get up and gain a foothold. We have learnt a very important lesson through COVID-19, and thus keeping together for building a strong socio-economic world around us will become a responsibility of everyone. Today be it a country or a household both struggle with protecting its people and reviving the economy. Natural disasters leave no scope for any borders and call for collective and inclusive action. 

Namaste to Tathastu, India is revered for its culture: Meenaa Mahaajjan - Social News Digpu

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None of these can be achieved if the spiritual backbone is missing. Spiritual knowledge encourages a strong belief system, a positive approach, inclusivity and ability to share. Knowledge shared through spirituality has taught us effective ways of connecting with nature and ecosystem recovering from the crisis. Every culture has encouraged mindful living and selflessness.

The pandemic has been viewed from several different lenses by leaders across the globe. However, it is evident that leadership that drives on deep-rooted cultural values have had a positive impact. Concepts like ‘Lokasamgraha’(wellbeing of society), ‘vasudevakutumbakam’(the world is like a family), ‘ubuntu’(humanity towards others) have enhanced values and are for the welfare of each other. Ethics, ‘sadachara’ or right conduct for each other and the environment has always helped us in reviving the damage done by calamities and disasters. 

Relationship between culture and ecology is an integral part of Indian society. While we realise the need to focus on economies we can’t ignore the imbalance created in the ecosystem. Ancient Indian texts like Arthashastra, Vedas, Manusmriti, Brhd Samhita, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Ayurveda have reflected strong concepts of sustainability and conservation of the environment. 

Human values need to be understood as an essential relationship between each species and the entire ecosystem. Mahatma Gandhis’s principle of simple living is a strong counterpart to rampant worldwide consumerism which has crossed excessive numbers.

Atmanirbhar Bharat is about engaging with the entire nation and strengthening our domestic industry with least dependence on international markets. Its time we start building our own strengths and be optimistic as we might have a double opportunity. We have a chance to recapture our glory and remerge as a Vishwa guru. 

The pandemic has moved us closer to our roots. Now that the world greets each other with Namaste, we can swear that the global perception of India has changed tremendously over the past few years. Be it yoga, Ayurveda, naturopathy or vegetarianism, our traditions are being followed worldwide for wellness. Let’s not lose this opportunity that the crisis has brought.  Leadership with a purpose is what we need. Tathastu!

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