AVS is an experiential marketing company serving the needs in marketing & communications.

The current pandemic has affected many businesses, and the world seems to be at a halt. We are all eagerly waiting to step outside of our house without fear and conducting our daily routine. As offices are getting operational again, and many professionals get ready to go to work, the event industry stands on the brink of changing their model or staying fixed.

There are only two ways when difficulty strikes your life, either you mold yourself and fight the circumstance, or you stand rigid and eventually fall. Ajay Vadhvani, the founder of AVS India, took the former way as he has always believed in reinventing and remodeling.

As the company looked forward to the biggest celebration this year of completing a decade in the industry, we were hit by the novel coronavirus. AVS, now 10-year old, had quite a humble beginning in April of 2010, where they occupied a small office space. But the diligence of the founding team brought success to the venture, and within two years, they had worked with 10 brands already. In 2013, they added value to their services by adopting the power of the digital. They started to offer digital marketing services, vigorous app and website development, digital PR, social media marketing, digital campaigns, video production, lead generation, and CSR campaign. AVS delivered over 1,080 projects in major cities of India along with six internationally. Today, AVS has served 108 clients of international repute, including tech giants and billion-dollar consumers like Polycom, Jabong, Cisco, Reebok, Zebra Technologies, Hummel, Sun Pharma, Tata Motors, Puma, and ESPN, are amongst other distinguished brands.

Since COVID-19 has hit the economy, many companies have failed to go digital and, as a result, are left with fewer options to market a product or service. As no one can predict the true exit of the virus from our lives, planning the future can be a daunting task. However, AVS is not facing the same problems as its peers.

As Ajay Vadhvani has always believed in innovation and adopting new ways, COVID-19 impact has not been able to stop the growth of the business. AVS has shifted towards virtual reality and is assisting the clients digitally. Ajay foresees a pandemic free world and meanwhile is working passionately to assist their clients as AVS intersects the virtual and augmented reality and is ready to serve the customer above their expectations. “The end of the pandemic will not stop the growth of digital space, and we will continue to virtually assist our clients for smooth operations,”  says Ajay.

The company recently launched, “The show must go on” campaign to manifest the fighter nature of the AVS as nothing can stop the business in the digitally interconnected world. This campaign will ensure a supremely customized digital framework for the customer, equipping business agility, and emancipating customer experience that impels engagement and brand loyalty.

As AVS assist their customers digitally, they have adopted some updated technological routes to serve the client’s needs. The company’s infrastructure has consolidated virtual events with the 3D presentation, customer engagement on social media, lead generation through machine learning, and video production.

Ajay believes that it will give rise to new opportunities and will open many doors beyond geographical borders, which will boost sponsorships from all around the world. AVS is setting a great example of never letting the difficulties get in the way of growth, and the fact that a successful business is one that works meticulously to serve their clients efficiently.

AVS is an experiential marketing company serving the needs in the marketing & communications with its head office in New Delhi and branches in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. They have delivered over 1,080 projects across all major cities in India and 6 countries internationally.

To know more, visit https://avs.co.in/theshowmustgoon  or www.avs.co.in .

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