With years of hard work, dedication, and commitment, this young footballer is making his name heard in the industry.

Sports is something that drives all of us crazy. It doesn’t matter whether you play it or just watch and support your favourite team. It is that one thing which unites us despite our differences and when we talk about sports, there is nothing like football.

The craze of football and footballers around the world is just insane. Rajan Singh Purewal is one of those super-talented youngsters who is making a lot of noise around because of his amazing football skills. He is the new hot topic in the domestic football scene and is very popular among the football community these days.

Born and bought up in West Bromwich, this talented footballer loves to play games and is also a bookworm. He is a great combination of an athletic and an intelligent personality. Other than football, Rajan Singh Purewal also loves to play basketball. Since his childhood, he was so much into sports that while growing up he thought of becoming a professional sportsman.

Although Rajan Singh Purewal loved a variety of sports, football and basketball were his most favourite. As he grew up, he set his eyes on professional football and making a career in it. After this important decision of his life, he found his goal of life, and then he fully dedicated his life, interest, and time to it. Things eventually worked in his favour and he got the recognition he worked for all these years.

Today, Rajan Singh Purewal is amongst one of the top young footballers and he is loved and cherished by so many people. With years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to the sports he has now made his name relevant and is all ready to make it big in the upcoming time.

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