At Slimage, Shweta Diwan strives to bring sustainability to healthy living and create a self-sustained immunity in the body.

COVID-19 has waged an undeclared war against society encompassing all quarters of socio-economic health and hygiene fronts. We humans as a society just were’t ready for a pandemic of this magnitude. This has exposed the fundamental vulnerabilities in the living, eating, drinking, working, cleaning habits of human globally.

But amidst all of this, the ancient Indian practices such as greeting with folded hands, Namaste are being promoted all over the world. Many Indian recipes are being revived and rehearsed to strengthen the health system.

As it has been observed, people with weak immunity are more prone to COVID. Bad lifestyle is a contributor to that. The strength of our immune system can be largely influenced by our dietary habits. The consultation of a wellness trainer becomes imminent post-COVID-19 to build up a strong and stable immune system. “The majority of the human race is susceptible to be infected with Corona Virus or any other virus as the pre-existing immunity of the society is very weak,” says Shweta Diwan.

Shweta Diwan, a young entrepreneur and founder of Slimage Wellness Pvt. Ltd is a renowned nutritionist with vast expertise and an impeccable track record. Her customer base of 35000+ satisfied individuals stands as a gem of her crown. Shweta Diwan is also a renowned consultant associated with corporate firms, health and educational institutions. She is a well-known panellist with many national TV channels like CNBC, News24, ZEE, Total TV and many more.

As they say, ‘one who is prepared for war will win’. New viral wars would be of high infection, mild clinical symptoms, uncertain incubation period, no human immunity, and the possibility of asymptomatic healthy carriers.Balanced nutrition under expert guidance helps in maintaining essential immunity for the prevention and management of viral infections. Dedicated health consultant expert can helo accelerate the health recovery process.

“The old saying health is wealth could not be true than modern times. No matter how much money one earns, one has to pay a heavy price owing to the negligence of a balanced diet,” says Shweta Diwan. Merely following a friend’s advice or a Google search result or a YouTube video doesn’t make any person immune and physically fit. One should consult a professional, who is experienced and certified. A proven Nutritionist and Dietician to know about his health, medical history, strong and weak areas of health and immune system to prevent viral infections and stay healthy, immune and fit. 

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Slimage wellness clinic, the brainchild of Shweta Diwan, is a one-point solution to educate, enhance and empower anyone with a proper and healthy lifestyle. Unlike other commercially available schemas, at Slimage, Shweta assures her clients that there shall be ‘No Ban on food.’ With scientifically proven food regulation and classes, she and her team curate an appropriate meal suited to meet your daily nutritional needs.

Slimage Wellness through their focussed approach and encouraging methods work towards strengthening your immune system with minor changes in your daily diet thereby resulting in a healthy lifestyle with minimum restrictions for easy and long-lasting transformation. Well experienced and trained professionals at Slimage provide custom made schedules to each individual that ensures the overall physical, mental and emotional balance. 

“Association with Slimage Wellness isn’t a course to complete, it’s a bond more than that,” says Shweta Diwan. Slimage encourages people to stick to their prescribed diet schedule through consistent follow-ups by a team of dedicated professionals.

At Slimage, Shweta Diwan strives to bring sustainability to healthy living. She motivates and encourages every individual to react proactively to build up self-sustained immunity to various chronic disorders like Pulmonary infections, Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cervical problems, cardiac, insomnia problems etc just by making minor changes to their dietary habits. Shweta through her experience has transformed many lives with simple and effective techniques.

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