ClinicJet a new platform to store patient data and consult with doctors online.

Queira Technologies launches ClinicJet, a cloud-based electronic health record and telemedicine platform for doctors and patients. This platform allows patients to take all their health data, from prescriptions, lab reports, hospital records as well as their clinical records and store it securely in one place.

With online doctor consultations on the rise during this global pandemic, ClinicJet offers doctors and patients a platform to constantly stay connected with each other. Unlike other existing platforms, ClinicJet is created for doctors by doctors and has a deep understanding of the key patient data that is required.

When given access to a patient’s medical records, doctors on the platform will have a comprehensive view of their patient’s health at all times. This helps doctors make more informed decisions with regard to diagnosing the patient’s condition and the prescription of medicines.

“As a doctor with over 25 years of practice experience, I was fully aware that medicine is multifactorial which requires doctors to have a comprehensive overview of a patient’s health. This motivated us to create a platform that allows patients to store the data they receive from multiple sources in one place and thus giving doctors a tool to help understand their patient’s clinical profile better”, said Dr. Rohan Sequeira, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Queira Technologies.

Dr. Sequeira further added, “During this global pandemic with movements restricted and social distancing becoming the norm, we are constantly reminded of the need to have a digital platform that connects patients with their doctors to help get them the vital treatment they need.”

“The online platform went live a couple of months ago and we’ve already seen a great response with over 100 doctors from around the country coming on board. The platform has been created using 16 software technologies and is geared to be able to scale up to unlimited patients and doctors across the world. We hope to consistently bring more specialists and doctors onboard to give patients from even tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India access to affordable and world class healthcare.” said Kanika Katna, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Queira Technologies.

With the constant addition of data and the expansion of the platform, ClinicJet hopes to use Artificial Intelligence and the latest generation of Machine Learning to provide better statistics and tools for doctors to better analyse patient data thus improving the quality and level of health care that is offered to a patient.

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