Ashthasiddhi is a holistic and integrated program that one can use to be more adaptable, inclusive and coexist in harmony with each other. 

There are many people and organisations which are engaged in pursuing the dream of our Prime Minister Modi, of a Self-Reliant Bharat. Many brainstorming sessions are being conducted on many platforms across the nation to discuss various ways and means of achieving this goal.

One such organisation is Siddhi, Powered By Humanity. This organisation is founded by Spiritual guide, philosopher and expert Dr Meenaa Mahaajjan. Her vision and foresight have already given the nation the concept of COVID Knights, a warrior who selflessly and relentlessly works towards helping his fellow citizens and considers his duty and dharma to serve the country.

She has been on the ground for 3 months during the pandemic despite all odds and challenges showcasing a true example of a leader who leads by example.  She has now come up with a unique program for rebuilding India, which she refers to as – ‘Ashthasiddhi’- 8 fold approach to a healthy and progressive nation.

Ashthasiddhi is a holistic and integrated program that an individual, society, organisation or country can use to be more adaptable, inclusive and coexist in harmony with each other.  She has been working on eight different aspects of human life and will impart this knowledge to rekindle the traits of these aspects in every individual.

Self-Reliant India Needs A Holistic And Integrated Approach - Ashtasiddhi - Digpu

Dr.Meenaa explains how the different aspects of Ashthasiddhi are entwined with the idea of a new and self-reliant India. India as a nation can progress in leaps and bounds if we have faith in our youth.  To make a new, stronger and better India, one would need Ashthasiddhi.

Thus, if it is important to think upon the ideas of self-reliance, it is more important for someone to work on the ground so that we can take the roots of every human deeper, and from where there is growth without harming anything in the ecosystem. Ashthasiddhi, promises to teach every individual the ‘purpose to be born human and discover their true inner nature’ to lead and uplift the masses. 

India is fortunate to have leaders who have been effective and displayed an empowering vision. Only if a leader is healthy in all aspects can he think clearly and craft a strategy. As Vivekananda said, “Give me a 100 nachiketas (youth) and I will transform India into the number one nation of the world”, such was his belief.

Drawing her inspiration from such thoughts, Dr.Meenaa feels that our youth needs to have an enquiring but balanced mind, only then can they serve the society.  Encouraging and engaging the youth to know about the wisdom of ancient philosophy and traditions will open their minds and hearts. 

Asthasiddhi will empower the youth to follow a healthy lifestyle and reject whatever makes them weak physically, emotionally and spiritually. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learnt a few lessons which primarily are about effective governance systems and sustainability. We need to make a fresh road map.

The priority has to be given to education which is not just degrees but a belief system like Ashtasiddhi that helps to unleash the power within and helps dissolve all the differences that waste time and energy. We need to educate India, if rural children can’t come to take education, education must reach them. The woman of our country must be educated enough to handle their own problems and not be dependent on anyone. 

India is sacred to Dr.Meenaa and she believes that our future can be more glorious if we raise the consciousness of our youth and handhold them on a path that leads to love, selflessness and courage. We must remember that with self-reliance must come self-confidence and self-love. Ashtasiddhi is designed to work in all essential areas of one’s life that will help in a healthy body, balanced mind and an evolved soul.

Dr.Meenaa truly believes that we have broken the glass ceiling and there is no looking back now. India is making its way to being a world leader!

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