Along with upskilling of faculty, the students of SIIB have been offered numerous free courses and programs from edX and Coursera.  

Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), established in the year 1992 has a long history of imparting quality education in the field of International Business, Agribusiness and Energy and Environment. It has been recognized as a B- School that combines an excellent academic foundation with a strong leadership perspective. SIIB is always at the forefront to adopt to new changes and is known for creating future-ready global managers.

As the clouds of uncertainty looming over, due to COVID- 19 pandemic, SIIB as a prominent B-School in the country, has implement all required measures for the safety of students who were then on the campus. They worked on a multi-pronged strategy to manage the crisis as well as build a resilient education system for the long run. Fortunately, the academic sessions for both the batches (2018-20) and (2019-21) were over and examinations had just started then.

SIIB and SIU were proactive enough to come out with practical solutions to complete evaluation for the academic year 2019-20. The entire online exam platform was quickly made operational and in fact, by 10th April, 2020, pending evaluations were completed successfully in virtual mode using technology.

For SIIB, student’s learning experience with utmost safety has always been of paramount importance.  Since the start of the pandemic, various initiatives were taken at the school to keep them engaged and motivated.  Number of workshops were conducted for the students on the online mode where industry experts guided students on how to cope up with the ongoing crisis and get them prepared for the future.

Due to sudden lockdown, even the formal Stepping out day for the passing out batch could not be conducted in person.  As there was no sign of easing out of the situation, the Stepping out day was conducted in a virtual mode.

Commenting on this, Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director, SIIB,said, “SIIB as an institute doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned for its students. It has registered with Coursera for providing its students with free courses in various disciplines. Moreover, edX has offered SIIB through its Remote Access program, a number of online courses across various disciplines which can be availed free of cost”.

In this extraordinary situation, various activities at the B-school are getting impacted. Most important being the withdrawal of job offers from corporates. To overcome this, the entire Corporate Relations Team of SIIB along with the Director are in constant touch with the corporates. As a result, most of the job offers made to the final year students were protected and so were the Summer Internship offers for the first-year students. Every single student of SIIB has either completed the Summer Internship Program (SIP) or is undergoing it without compromising on their learning experience.

The Student MentorshipProgram (SMP) at SIIB which aims at enhancing an overall experience for the students while they are on campus. In this program, each student is assigned a faculty mentor. During these crises, SIIB has made every possible effort through its mentorship program to not just ensure academic guidance to students, but has also ensured that student’s mental well-being is taken care of. Utmost importance has been given to this activity so that students remain positive throughout this phase.

It is a known fact that life post COVID-19 will not be the same. SIIB has made all necessary changes in its teaching-learning process so as to begin with the academic sessions for both the batches (2019-21) and (2010-22) in the virtual mode. The transition to online mode was certainly not very simple. Throughout the lockdown period, the faculty have upskilled and reskilled themselves so as to get ready for this new way of teaching with able support from non-teaching staff. Everyone at SIIB has contributed wholeheartedly and has risen to the occasion. This will certainly ensure that the teaching learning process is not affected during global pandemic and we don’t compromise on quality as well as experience.

In these testing times, a well-rounded and effective educational practice is needed for the capacity-building of young minds. This helps them in developing skills that will drive their employability, productivity, health, and well-being in the decades to come, thus helping our country in the long run.

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