Veonco Group clarifies its take on false and fraudulent communication done by individuals on its behalf.

Veonco Group Ltd would like to clarify that the companies of incorporation of the group are in Canada and the United Kingdom. It was established in the year 2019 by a group of industrial experts who had been in the industry for over a decade and experienced worked with other similar corporate firms.

Veonco Group Ltd is a group of companies which includes multiple businesses with related to the Fintech industry and joint venture into new entities. The operational activities of the group has been executed from the Canada Region and therefore, Veonco Group Ltd had obtained MSB license from Canadian FINTRAC organization to offer FX dealing and Money Transferring activities. The license number registered for FINTRAC MSB is 20105666 for the Veonco Group Ltd.

Moreover, Veonco Group had also been incorporated in the United Kingdom for the reason of the company technology director (from one of the joint company before Veonco was established), who manages the operation within the company group based in the UK and providing the technologies for Veonco Group. Therefore, Veonco (UK) does not require obtaining FCA regulation as Veonco (UK) does not carry out any business or investment activity within the United Kingdom.

Misrepresentation and false communications:

The group has occasionally been misrepresented by individuals that claim to speak on its behalf. These false communications take a variety of forms: fraudulent letters, e-mails, social media accounts, individual agent(s) and SNI Group claimed to be part of the group.

The group would also like to clarify that:

  • We do not charge fees upon account registration, seize funds, or access trader’s trading account to perform any trading activity for any reason. These actions made in the name of or on behalf of VEONCO are false and should be viewed with extreme caution.
  • If you have been solicited for actions above of any kind by an individual or group claiming to represent VEONCO or part of VEONCO, please kindly ignore or you may be a victim of a fraud.

Kindly communicate for any information regarding fraud activities to them at [email protected] or visit  Veonco Group Ltd will investigate and if any fraudulent activities found, it will take immediate legal actions. It further clarifies that it will hold no responsibility for any risk taken by public users or clients.

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