Delhi-based Cancer Healer Center is leading its way in providing painless cancer treatment with high recovery rate and improved quality of life.

Cancer Healer Center, one of the leading cancer treatment hospitals in India is committed to providing the best care to its patients in their fight against cancer. The Center functions under the able guidance of Dr Tarang Krishna, a distinguished and acclaimed Physician who has made immense contribution in the field of cancer treatment.

Dr Tarang the numero uno Oncologist of India, is treating cancer with immunotherapy. The goal of immunotherapy is to control the growth and spread of cancer and help the immune system work better to destroy cancer cells. A strong believer in this type of cancer treatment, Dr Krishna is an embodiment of adopting healing methods through CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) and has contributed significantly towards its R&D which has garnered him many national and international accolades.

About the Cancer Healer Center

Headquartered in New Delhi’s New Friends Colony, the Center has opened up many branches PAN India enabling easy access and commutation for people in every corner of the country.

The Center provides a high-quality holistic treatment that takes care of the overall well-being of patients. It helps them develop a positive attitude towards life while on their journey to fight cancer through the revolutionary Cancer Healer medicine based on Immunotherapy.

This path-breaking discovery in medicine has cured cancer even in the last stages and is equally effective in every phase. With an impressive track record of treating thousands of patients successfully, the Center has become a benchmark and ray of hope, cure, and faith for not only for the patients battling cancer but also their families.

With extensive research and study in the field of cancer cure, it is dedicated to making good health and disease prevention a reality for millions of people. The pioneering Cancer Healer medicine is an evidence-based treatment where a person diagnosed with cancer from a certain hospital is treated with this medicine and is sent back to the same hospital after treatment to get the test done again and verify the results of the treatment. The Center aims to make this treatment available to each person in every part of the country.

Dr Tarang Krishna’s quest to make a difference in cancer care

Dr Tarang ensures he is accessible to all his patients and provides the best course of action to each one of them. He along with his team of experienced doctors, tailor cancer treatment plans according to the patients’ needs, taking into account the type of cancer, the age of the individual, the degree to which cancer has spread, and the general health of the patient. He makes sure that his relationship with the patient is not limited to the treatment but also lasts in the follow-up care.

“The holistic care, love, and support provided to each of our patient aids in faster recovery and healing. Consistently striving to enhance the potential possibilities of Immunotherapy a painless treatment which helps build the immune system to fight cancer, we bring the utmost standards of conduct and ethics in medical practice” says Dr Tarang.

With over two decades of practice, he has successfully treated thousands of patients He specialises in Oncology and has successfully worked on cancer patients with evaluation of Immunotherapy & Integrative Medicine Cancer protocols to achieve milestone mark of one amongst the few Integrative Oncologist’s in the world and India’s 1st & only Integrative Medicine Cancer specialist.

He has interests in breast cancer, brain tumors, lung cancer, prostate cancer and many more. He treats all stages of cancer through immunology cancer treatment. Under his able guidance, the centre has been awarded several prestigious awards by the Government of India and International Organisations.

Treating Cancer during the Corona times

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic with the world coming to a standstill, Cancer Healer Center continues to provide cancer care in an unfazed manner. To ensure the safety of the patients while maintaining social distancing norms, they have introduced online treatment where patients have access to video consultation and treatment without stepping out of their homes. Patients have to fill up online forms and the Center will get in touch.

Dr. Tarang Krishna with his team of esteemed doctors are providing the most effective cancer curing techniques to achieve long-term survival chances and improved quality of life. With their custom-fit treatment plans which are affordable and have high a recovery rate, they ensure patients fight the disease with hope, faith, and will power.

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