The strategic mentorship program by MIMS helps its students with a pre-placement offer even before they join their course with the facility to pay half fees only after placement.

Aditus, India’s first-ever strategic mentorship platform did thorough market research and launched a premium education program which prepares the students for a life post the pandemic. It has a vision of nurturing the careers of graduate and undergraduate students by giving them an education which is a step ahead of the usual pedagogy. Aditus has successfully collaborated itself with the industry professionals, educational experts, top-level universities, investors, banks & employers on the same platform to make them all a part of the contemporary educational system.

The mentorship platform is the brainchild of noted experts of the education & fintech industry namely Sudhanshu Sharma, Nitin Patil and Shailaja Patil, Founders of Motion Institute of Management Studies (MIMS). It was launched by MIMS group of Institutions to lift employability skills of students by innovative Strategic Mentorship Programme assisting them with assured employment opportunities post-pandemic.

There are innumerable institutes & universities in India which have teamed up with Aditus to ensure that their students are prepared for the industry 4.0. To give an understanding of how Aditus works, below is the process of how a student with the help of an institute can register himself/ herself:

  • You have to register yourself with Aditus
  • Complete entrance test and receive a pre placement offer
  • On the basis of your marks, select the institute/university for UG/PG courses redesigned with Strategic Management Program
  • Complete the admission process with minimal admission fees
  • Start taking training designed by the industry professionals followed by 8 months of deputation
  • Complete education and convert Pre-Placement Offer Letter in Final Offer & then only pay the complete fees

The thorough program helps its students with a pre-placement offer even before they join their course. Apart from a Degree in Civil Engineering, students would be offered with a Plus of Construction Management. Similarly, Degree in Mechanical Engineering will be offered with a Plus of Construction, Facility, Interior Designing. Degree in Electrical – Computer Science – IT would be offered with a Plus of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & IoT.

Similarly, MBA & PGP program has all novel specializations and a Plus such as MBA/PGP in AI Blockchain, Banking – Microfinance, Construction Management, Facilities Management, Digital Marketing and so on. The courses designed are all a requirement of the industry 4.0. Aditus after doing thorough research has understood the importance of inculcating the same in the curriculum and thus thrives towards ‘Industry-driven skill development and deployment’.

Commenting on the launch, Sudhanshu Sharma, Chairman, Aditus, said, “We understand that the Indian Education system needs an upheaval in order to compete in the global market. To be honest, the Indian education system is not even updated to fight the situation at hand after the pandemic. Hence, we strive towards ensuring that our students match shoulder to shoulder to any of their counterparts who pursue the same course from abroad”.

To add to the benefits, Aditus even has its own banks and NBFCs which will help students in sponsoring up to 90% of the fees. Aditus has included a lot of courses in their program to train Engineering Graduates & Commerce Graduates to capture national & international job opportunities.

Some of the courses that they have focused on also include Interior Designing, Real Estate, Healthcare Management, Banking and Finance, Hospital Administration, amongst the others. The team believes in improving and enhancing the emotional quotient along with the intellectual quotient of a student. One can blindly say that this is what the New India needs in their education system.

Aditus comprises of a team of thorough professionals and achievers from different industry domains such as Defense, Education and Research, Fin-Tech, Banking & Services. Their strong leadership brings discipline, dedication & development in the system to convert their vision into mission and their innovation in movement, towards better growth. To register at Aditus, download the app on your Android devices via Playstore.

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