This World Rum Day, Indians will have the opportunity to experiment with some of the most sought after rum brands from around the globe.

Rum, one of the most consumed spirits in the country, is a drink that has always been intertwined with the history of India. Originating during the British Raaj, India’s love affair with rum has spanned centuries and has grown to become a staple on shelves and in liquor cabinets in homes across the country.

Traditionally, rum sales in India have been driven by the Canteen Stores Department or army canteens, with the spirit being a favourite of Indian army personnel stationed in the coldest regions of the country.

The Indian market has traditionally been dominated by a few domestic rum brands, however, with the increase of disposable income and exposure to a variety of global brands, the Indian consumer appears to move towards experimenting with premium spirits.

With consumers willing to expand their horizons and move beyond traditional spirits, the Indian alco-bev industry has seen an influx of global rum brands that are trying to capitalise on this wave of premiumisation which has led to Indian consumers finally having access to some of the best rums in the world.

This World Rum Day, Indians will have the opportunity to experiment with some of the most sought after rum brands from around the globe. A great example is the Venezuelan Rum, Diplomático, which with its inviting and complex flavours is amongst the top 5 trending rums in the world. Diplomático’s Reserva Exclusiva, the flagship spirit from the Diplomatico range, is said to have one of the most captivating bouquets in the rum world-rich, sweet and reminiscent of caramel and walnut and stunning colour in the glass.

Another premium rum introduced to Indian consumers is The Kraken, a delicious black spiced rum, with extremely creative packaging that’s sure to catch your eye immediately. Named after the legendary sea monster, The Kraken is a unique Caribbean black spiced rum which is adored for its ginger ale, cinnamon, coffee and clove flavour notes.

Mr. Kunal Patel, Managing Director for Monika Enterprises, an importer and distributor of premium spirits, who has been responsible for bringing these global brands to India, had this to say, “Our mission has always been to bring the best quality spirits to India and give Indian consumers the chance to experience a variety of different drinks. The Indian palette is maturing and we want to make sure that we offer new experiences to match the changing preferences.”

Mr. Patel further added, “Diplomático and Kraken are two rum brands that we have introduced into the Indian market, both renowned for their quality and unique in their own categories, the likes of which Indian consumers have never had before. This World Rum day, consumers can experiment with some of best global brands to have a truly unique experience.”

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