If you’ve looked up at billboards in the last year, then you have certainly seen the modelesque face of Rudy Bundini staring back at you. He’s graced magazine covers, editorials, ads, and commercials hailed as on the most successful models in the fashion and commercial world at this time. It’s not every day that a Rudy Bundini-style model comes along, which is why the biggest brands in the world will work quickly to snatch up their brand.

In February of this year, right before the pandemic, Rudy received news of the biggest brand partnership of his life: Nike. The world’s biggest athletic company named Rudy as their newest face, making their final decision after weeding through tens of thousands of candidates. Selecting Rudy to be the face for their dynamic and choreographic photo and video shoot, Nike knew that this worldwide heartthrob was perfectly qualified to represent their brand in the forthcoming media.

Accidental Arrival to Modeling

Rudy was born in Basel Switzerland, moving to the United States to pursue his dream of becoming an athlete. He knew that if he wanted the best chance at honing in on his skills and reaching the highest potential of his athletic career, the United States was the place to make it happen.

Model Rudy Bundini Tapped as the Newest Face of Nike

Ironically, never planning to become a model during his younger years, Rudy was scouted over one-decade ago by a daring agent that knew he had “the look.” Rudy graduated with a Master of Science in mechanical engineering-applied design, also strapped with experience as a former member of the boxing and swimming national team. He was a gold medalist as the heavy weight champion in the Azerbaijan international boxing tournament, helping Rudy today to pair his past experiences as a professional athlete and now a professional model. Although he was pursuing everything he wanted in life, Rudy knew he couldn’t say no to the modeling proposition. He agreed to start modeling full-time.

Following his initial modeling scouting, Rudy’s career took off at a pace that most other models never witness during their climb to fame. In just one-to-two years, Rudy achieved being named IMTA’s “Model of the Year”, sustaining his momentum to win him some of the biggest modeling partnerships in the world. He was tapped to be the Dolce & Gabanna style influencer as well, leveraging their menswear collection with vibrant colors, fine craftsmanship, and quality fabrications. Rudy was also named one of today’s “Top 5 Influencers” by Forbes magazine in February 2020, paying testament to his brilliant social media marketing that has won him adoring fans everywhere.

Boasting a unique modeling look that has set him apart from the competition, Rudy has been able to dominate the fashion capital of the world, New York City. His multi-cultural appearance and daring gaze has won him work in the American, Latin, and European market, stretching his abilities to model for both early 20s and even late 30s jobs. His edgy appearance and affiliation with the high fashion market has had designers from Armani and Versace, to Calvin Klein willing to work with him. At the same time, trendy luxury brands such as Roger Dubuis and Philipp Plein have collaborated with the sought-after male model.

At the age of 33 today, considered a 25+ model, Rudy is also able to model for tobacco and liquor brands, such as his recent shoot for Hennessy. His mature, infectious gaze paired with his athletic physique has made him the go-to model for strong campaigns, and empowering commercials. His “Adonis face and expressive eyes” have made him an in-demand sports marketing model, catching the attention of Nike’s marketing director.

Previously shooting for Puma, Rudy immediately accepted the Nike offer moving forward. As a lifelong athlete and passionate health guru, Rudy felt this kind of partnership only made sense.

Where Next for the Nike Model?

Everyone wants to know what Rudy’s next big move is going to be for his burgeoning career. Fans keep asking if Hollywood is next for the male model. Rudy replies, “It really doesn’t matter where the destiny blows my life’s sails to; what matters the most is humanity. I am so grateful to my home country, the United States, and to the world for having made this possible for me.”

To date, Rudy has starred in the series “The Beautiful Grind New York” as well as the movie “Furious 7” directed by James Wan. Rudy has also made appearances in an Ariana Grande music video and two TV shows, “The Real Housewives of NY” and “Younger.”

Rudy is looking to advance into higher levels of acting as the opportunities present themselves, working hard today to master his current deals and partnerships.

Giving Back

For Rudy, he is using his newfound fame and notoriety to make a positive impact on the world. Using his past birthday as a benefit fundraiser for the “Fashion Industry COVID-19 Relief Fund,” he was able to raise over $500 to help those in need. As coronavirus continues to present a seriously harrowing threat to the world, Rudy is using his platform to bring much needed awareness and donations moving forward.

Rudy stated, “My life mission is to leave an optimistic imprint on as many people as possible to create a positive ripple effect long after I’m gone.” It is safe to say that Rudy is doing just that. To see his philanthropic endeavours in action, be sure to follow his Instagram today: https://www.instagram.com/rudybundini/

A Future of Promise

It’s hard to deny that 2020 is already off to an amazing start for the Swiss model. Rudy’s Nike announcement is a clear indication of what is possible when you find your truest meaning and passion in this life. While Rudy continues to prove that he is not afraid to push past boundaries and achieve significant modeling success for himself moving forward, the social media mogul is also busy building an influential empire that is 1.9 million strong on Instagram alone.

Rudy is grateful for all of the success he has achieved thus far in his career. He is planning to work harder and more diligently moving forward. In the world of Rudy, it’s safe to say, he’s just getting started.

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