SRINAGAR (J&K): He is just 10 years old but the rap songs he produces makes you crave for more of his content. Inspired by the trending rap songs on video-sharing platform YouTube, the kid from Prichoo village in southern Kashmir’s Pulwama district has sung more than eight sizzling songs.

Assisted by his cousin brother, the little rapper Arafat Mohideen Bhat has made it to headlines in local as well as national newspapers and news portals.

Amid the pandemic of novel Coronavirus when lockdown forced people to stay indoors and spend more time on social networking websites, the kid has been able to garner more than 17 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel “RAP-KID [Arfat]”.

Arafat, a 4th standard student, has won hearts and become a sensation in a very short period of time for which his talent has contributed more than his young age.

The kid is thankful for the support from his parents. He says, “My family is very supportive and they have always backed me up.”

His father, Ghulam Mohideen Bhat, said: “He was singing and dancing from an early age. Now he sings rap songs but I have no idea about it. My Urdu is not good so I don’t understand it. Right now, I like what my son is doing and I am trying to give him my full support. I appeal to the government to provide him with a platform so that he can move forward and in the right direction.”

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