Health Interface is a mobile app and SaaS developed by Artelir Inc to create a globally interconnected digital healthcare ecosystem using AI.

When a patient visits any doctor, clinic or hospital the first thing that the doctor, clinic or hospital does is asks questions to record the patients’ medical history, the history and medical condition of the patients’ family members including a past history of his and their ailments. Research has shown that 60% (sixty percent) of patients report that the same repetitive process occurs each time a patient visits a different doctor, clinic, or hospital.

The world over there is a movement to ensure that a patients’ medical and health record are to be handed over to the patient. The US has already passed legislation to this effect as has the United Arab Emirates. Other countries will follow soon enough since the prevailing view is that if patients had their medical and health records handy management of the global COVID-19 pandemic could have been better managed. 

The US-based company Artelir Inc, with a branch office in Dubai, has developed a mobile app and SaaS called Health Interface (HI) backed by a vision to create a globally interconnected digital healthcare ecosystem using Artificial Intelligence.

HIfor Doctors and Individuals offers three main components on its platform which can be accessed on the mobile app or web page.

The First aspect of the App is Virtual Consultancy which connects patients with medical professionals via video/audio so they can consult them through a virtual medium. Virtual consultancy with in-build translation facilities in major languages of the world expands the utility of the App. For example, a Spanish speaking patient can easily communicate with an English-speaking doctor or a French speaking doctor. The patient’s Spanish will be translated into English or French and the doctor will hear the patient in English or French and vice versa.

The Second is a community feed where people can connect with each other and say HI to share advice, render support and share Blogs/Vlogs.

The Third is EMR/EHR which is a tool for customizing a treatment plan by using the App. HI believes that every individual is the Owner of his or her medical and health data and that they should have unrestricted access to it. HI is designed to provide a patient access to his or her Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) with a two-factor authentication triggered solely by the patient for facilitating viewing by healthcare providers anytime, globally. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) the App informs the doctor if a patient is allergic to a certain medication. This assists the doctor in making an informed decision. The App using AI then suggests an alternative medication via the in-built e-prescription of the app.

A spin-off of the HI concept is HI Virtual Clinic. This concept is very relevant for countries with a widely dispersed rural population which do not have ready access to doctors or specialists. Doctors and specialists are typically located in larger towns and big cities and only basic healthcare is available to rural populations through the medium of paramedics or nurses. The expense of traveling to see a doctor in a town or city, the doctor’s fees act as a disincentive for the rural patient. HI has finalized the design of a virtual clinic and which can be rolled out in various countries under a franchise model. All these virtual clinics will be ‘on-boarded’ on to the HI platform giving each “virtual clinic” direct access to doctors, labs and other medical facilities in towns, cities, and overseas.

The App, in brief, encompasses the entire gamut of functionalities that will encourage users to refer to it several times in a day.

“With the launch of HI, we are reimagining how healthcare is delivered to people with chronic conditions,” Dr Aasif Ali Siddiqui, Co-Founder and CEO of Artelir Inc, said in a statement. HI has partnered with Vonage for video call services and commenced Beta testing in the US and UAE. Doctors can register themselves now on their website.

HI next additions to the App will feature such as Pharmacy and Diagnostic labs. This work in progress is at an advanced stage and will be launched in the coming months.

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