Shubham Singh has made his name in the Music Marketing Industry, which is a growing industry in India.

The global digital marketing software market size is valued at USD 68 billion in 2020 and the Indian market alone contributes USD 2.11 Billion to the global share. Young enthusiastic souls are keen to step foot in this ever-growing industry with perpetual growth, to establish fame and name in the digital marketing realm. But not all know the secrets to be a prominent Digital Marketer in India and be a name in the game.

There is a wide classification of digital marketing and one such example is Music marketing, also one of the most dissolved industries which are still growing in India. One of such prominent entrepreneurs when it comes to the Music marketing industry is Shubham Singh Dhanda, a well-acknowledged name in the industry, doing what he was intrigued by with full zest Shubham put up an abundance of efforts while building a brand of himself and came out to be a leading freelancer and now running a full-fledged Marketing company. Being in this music marketing realm for more than 3 years itself has given him a definite space in the industry. 

A Young Paradigm of the entrepreneurial space, Shubham Singh Dhanda - Digpu
Shubham Singh Dhanda

Hailing from Delhi in a middle-class family where it is conventionally believed for a child to have a career as a doctor or engineer, Shubham Singh Dhanda aimed high in life and chose to start his venture in Digital marketing field in the right time and ironically enough he is still pursuing engineering. Started just after he graduated from high school he is now generating million dollars annual revenue through his venture SSDMEDIAWIZ. Having the foundations of his company in India, the US, UK, UAE, he focusses on building fruitful and meaningful relationships with brands to continue maintaining his and his company’s sophisticated high-end image.

All this success did not come easy to him, for months he tried establishing his business in India and faced rejection because his potential was not recognized and to this, he says ” if you don’t have confidence in your service, you will never be able to provide value to someone and would face difficulty in growing your business, so always work on getting better every day, that is the only way to evolve and survive. ” Providing customized branding services for engagement taking the best out of the conventional as well as the evolving advancements Shubham has left no corner unnoticed making his venture the right choice for artists to help them grow in the evergreen music industry.

Adding to this he said, “One of the million things I learned while starting my business was that first I have to apply the marketing strategies and Branding strategies to myself so that businesses and Production houses can rely on me. There are a thousand digital marketing startups evolving all around the world so how can you stand out of the crowd if you can’t apply your own strategies on yourself and your own venture. That’s what all this marketing is about, branding.”

Businesses have taken a hard hit as the world attempts to battle against COVID-19. But Shubham, also known as the music marketing wizard viewed this as an opportunity to build his network and leverage his time and his entrepreneurial skills efficiently which led to him successfully working with the staging of many well-recognized artists. He constructed an impactful journey which he owes to holding on to his unique vision and exemplary approach towards the market and the thumping social media presence.

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