During the coronavirus pandemic, influencers on Instagram are our entertainment, if you are wondering who you should be following, get ready to list off the top 5 Instagram Influencers

Instagram is a freedom of information and content exchange today, with over 1 billion daily active users that open the app and share their lives, their photos, and their videos. Individuals who have mastered the art of Instagram marketing and sharing their lavish lifestyles have earned themselves comfortable followings of millions of people from around the world. These influencers command significant power over their followers, attributing to the fact that the Instagram influencer market is worth more than $2.3 billion today.

It’s, therefore, no secret that many top brands consider Instagram to be their most important marketing channel – with 89% confirming it is their most profitable marketing avenue. These brands don’t want to work with just anyone on Instagram – they want to work with influencers that command a significant following. Influencers have built trust with their audience. They have personally shared their lives, their work, and their art so their followers can know them better. That’s why they are one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world right now.

Perhaps even more relevant now as we socially distance from home during the coronavirus pandemic, influencers on Instagram are our entertainment – our lifelines. If you are wondering who you should be following while this pandemic rages on, we’re ready to list off the top 5 mentions below.

The Best Pandemic Influencers to Add to Your Instagram

  1. Rudy Bundini, Model: Commanding an audience of more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram where he shares an intimate look at his modelling career, Rudy Bundini has been experiencing significant growth statistics after being named Nike’s latest campaign star. Born in Switzerland, emigrating to the United States to pursue education and athletics, Bundini is a pinnacle of the American Dream. He currently lives in New York City and works as both a model and an actor, with recent mentions as the “Male Commercial Model of the Year” by IMTA. Bundini can be spotted in fashion publications from America to Asia, lending his sleek, muscular frame to commercials, editorials, and advertisements.

Follow him on Instagram to get an up-close-look at his partnerships with the likes of Versace, Georgia Armani, Philipp Plein, Hennessy, Nike, and Roger Dubuis.

2. Armand Peri: Not too many people are unfamiliar with the bodybuilding sensation and multi-millionaire businessman Armand Peri today. Founder of Hunk-O-Mania, the United State’s most popular male revue show, as well as Diva Royale USA, the critically acclaimed Drag Queen Show, Armand provides viewers (all 1.5 million of them) with an insider look into the world of entertainment. Hailed as a king of entertainment in his own right, Peri’s story is another American Dream success, with hard work embedded into every aspect. Emigrating to the United States from Portugal, growing up in New Jersey, as Peri experiencing bullying, it inspired him to invest in his body and begin to compete in bodybuilding. This form of competition became Peri’s way of life, earning him worldwide titles and accolades for his physique. Learning what it takes to be the best, Peri forayed into the world of business and real estate development, as well as writing, as he’s now listed as a bestselling author on Amazon, for his novel, “Unparalleled Success.”

Today, Peri is ranked as the number 3 bodybuilding influencer in the entire world, according to Ninja Outreach. Follow his Instagram to watch his life of fame, family, romance, travel, and business success.

3. Hunk-O-Mania : It’s hard to look away from the chiseled, svelte, and gorgeous bodies of male performance artists today. That’s why Hunk O’ Mania, owned and operated by founder Armand Peri, has grown a significant social media following on Instagram. With locations in NYC, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, and Chicago, Hunk O’ Mania is a new kind of spectacle – one with men at the very center of it. Contacted for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthdays, graduations, and surprise celebrations, Hunk O’ Mania has been bringing the heat since its founding in 1998.

Today, the Instagram account provides an intimate look into the world of male revue performance, captivating a transparency that is hard to ignore. Their Instagram account is certainly one to check out during this pandemic shutdown.

4. Jessie Pires: In-demand personal trainer, Jessie Pires, shares his image consultancy work, motivational speaking, and business aptitude with followers every day. Jessie Pires was born in Vila do Conde, Portugal. He moved to the US as a child, in pursuit of the American Dream. He followed his passions of modelling, acting, fitness, and motivational speaking, and has gained recognition in these areas. He started out his modelling career posing for various calendars and was also featured in photographs for Marvel Comics. Most recently, Pires was featured on the cover of Gezno Magazine’s June 2020 issue, which also includes an 11-page spread of his photographs. His dedication to a lifestyle of fitness and nutrition led him to start his own personal training business. His expertise and motivational techniques help his clients to look and feel their best. As an entrepreneur, he also co-founded Rejuvenation Professionals, an anti-ageing medical practice (rejuvenationprofessionals.com).

5. Gennaro Brigante : Professional bodybuilder and world-class fitness photographer, Gennaro Brigante, provides a new perspective into the world of fitness through his creative eye and impressively built male physique. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Gennaro immediately dedicated his life to the sport of bodybuilding, gaining IFBB professional status by winning the Bantamweight class at the Men’s Nationals in Dallas, Texas. Going onto win countless awards for his mastery of bodybuilding, Gennaro naturally slipped into fitness modelling – which he still does today. As part of modelling, Gennaro began to explore the photography behind the imagery, igniting a passion in him that he shares with followers on Instagram today. If you want to know more about the world of fitness presentation, Gennaro is the best way to view it.

Honorable Mentions: Up-and-Coming Influencers to Watch

  1. Leon Budrow: Hip-Hop and pop musical artist, Leon Budrow, is a man of many talents. Catch him performing at Hunk O’ Mania, as well as practising his hockey game. Not to mention, he’s a SAG, AFTRA actor.
  2. Marty Chapman: CEO of Marlo Holdings, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Marty Chapman provides a transparent look at the world of finance, deal-making, and success today.
  3. Eren AB: Musical artist and performer, Eren AB, recently released his newest album, “Beauty Lies With You” available now on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, and all other major music streaming platforms.

Although we are working hard to beat this virus, and together we will prevail, spend your time following these influencers for motivation, entertainment, information, and familiarity. They post every day and take their influencer followings seriously. Get on Instagram and check them out today!

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