The COVID era has brought with itself many realizations, and with this has come the need to change our perspective. But has it been able to change the spirit of a Leader? The answer is definitely a big NO!. A leader can’t afford to lose his vision. A successful leader has to be humble as it is the people what the leader serves, says Meenaa Mahaajjan .

Today, we will talk of one such leader – Meenaa Mahaajjan, a spiritual teacher and founder of Siddhi powered by humanity and COVIDKNIGHTS a force of selfless volunteers guided by her, helped people to tide over many hurdles and challenges in this COVID era.

A True Leader Is One Who Does Not Let The Changing Times

When the nation was preparing and bracing itself for its first Lockdown, the leader in Meenaa Mahaajjan was constantly thinking about the challenges that this time would bring with it. The challenges posed by a curfew-like situation, in which not only the essential services but even the emergency services would be unavailable. 

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