Rabiah Sutton has shared her knowledge and expertise in her path-breaking book titled ‘The Soul of Success’.

In the midst of a pandemic that has decimated so many industries and caused over 30 million Americans to file for unemployment, high profile business consultant Rabiah Sutton is on a mission to help your company emerge stronger than ever.

If your business, or in some cases your entire industry, has been lost due to COVID-19, you might be fortunate enough to get loans from the government. You may have been able to adjust your business model to allow you to cut down on expenditures. But these are far from permanent solutions. For long-lasting growth that will save your company from collapsing, you might be in need of a more foundational change.

Instead of accepting that our current climate automatically means economic disaster, Rabiah saw this as an opportunity for prosperity. Rabiah is the award-winning CEO of FWDthink, a tech company that consults for the Federal Government, optimizes businesses from the ground up to reach their maximum potential, brings in any experts from various industries that are needed for that company, and even helps commercial companies move into the government sector if they need.

After succeeding at the highest levels, the FWDthink CEO used her knowledge to write a book titled “The Soul of Success” and launched a popular podcast called “8to9” where Rabiah provides every small business with the blueprint to scale to the $100 Mn+ range. The podcast has attracted high profile guests like a business guru and world-famous influencer Gary Vaynerchuk and Miami Dolphin’s executive and famous business tycoon Matt Higgins. Soon Rabiah is scheduled to interview Shark Tank judge and FUBU founder Daymond John and even the iconic Cindy Crawford.

As Covid-19 forced millions of people to work from home, Rabiah realized that her own company had perfected this practice and she knew that her insight would prove invaluable to so many corporations adjusting to this new lifestyle. Instead of drowning in negativity from the media, Rabiah and her company decided to use their specific skill set to lock down several more clients whose companies were suffering.

Rabiah found that people were as scared of losing an upcoming contract as they were of dying from the virus. So, she made each client fill out intense introspective questionnaires, then reframed their entire philosophy to focus on what they want to achieve rather than what is bringing them down. The result? All of her clients have been able to move past their obstacles and have seen growth in a time when the global economy is shutting down.

The writing was on the wall. Rabiah had to share this training and knowledge with the world, and do it in a way that is easily accessible. That’s why later this year, Rabiah is launching her masterclass ‘Resilience Through Crisis’ where she will break down her proven strategies that will turn any business around. Several high-profile CEOs, studio executives and small business owners have reached out to Rabiah about signing up for the course already.

At a time when the future is so uncertain and at times very bleak, Rabiah Sutton might just be the voice you and your company need to hear. She knows the questions you need to ask, and the answers you need to find in order to not just save your business, but guarantee that it will reach its full potential.

To download Rabiah’s free e-book on breaking down strategies and business philosophies visit her website.

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