In Harsh Kedia’s words, the Best Belgian Dark Chocolates infused with stevia will be launched in the Indian market by Oct 2020.

Chocolates have been scientifically proved to trigger the brain to release endorphins, the hormones that cause your pulse to speed up and give you a pleasant high feeling. Many of us can’t do without chocolates but what about those who are diabetics or have been cutting down on sugar levels?

Harsh Kedia, whom the world celebrates as ‘A Diabetic Chef’ is a 22-year chef and himself a diabetic. He has been known to push the boundaries of the dos and don’ts of diabetic eating. Breaking stereotypes based on information, research and his learnings after coming across around 200 doctors in his lifespan. 

A Mumbai-based entrepreneur, author and a celebrated chef aka diabetic chef, creative thinker and innovator, Harsh Kedia has adorned many caps in such a small span of time. He got diagnosed with diabetes at a very young age and not giving up on his taste buds, the inner chef in him gave birth to ‘A Diabetic Chef.’ His profound research and desire to make sweet dishes that even diabetic patients could consume, has made his passion turned into a business model.

Recently, after studying various dark and sugarfree chocolates available in the market, Harsh Kedia realized that there is a lot of nescience regarding these products that are available in the market. Tired of a wide range of pseudo-sugarfree chocolates, he has now come up with a range of diabetic and Low-calorie chocolates. He aims at making these healthy chocolates available for diabetics and calorie-conscious people worldwide at affordable prices.

On asking about his journey, Harsh says, “It has taken me 7 years to compile all my work, my recipes and everything I have learned with doctors, nutritionists, and food scientists. We have begun production of India’s only authentic range of diabetic friendly chocolates. These are exclusively created for people who are diabetic, fighting PCOS, and other health ailments.”

In Harsh’s words, the ‘Best Belgian Dark Chocolates infused with stevia’ for a pleasure ride are coming in the market by October 2020 across India. While many people have already requested him to make these chocolates available overseas soon, Harsh says, “Let’s hope the pandemic settles fast and life comes back to normal. I can’t wait to hear from chocolate lovers all over the world.”

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