Mumbai based B2B startup is hiring 1000 employees during COVID19.

By: Digpu News |Mumbai, India Updated: July 23, 2020 3.12 PM a B2B marketplace based in Mumbai announced that they will hire 1000 talented people for filling specific vacancies across India. a B2B startup that connects buyers and sellers from more than 127 countries to shop among 30 product categories. Beldara is an Indian company that connects Indian manufacturers, suppliers and buyers for hassle-free business requirements and transactions.

India is affected, plunged into difficulties due to the pandemic leading to economic destruction. Think Tank estimation, 122 Million people of India lost their jobs during the coronavirus lockdown. Unemployment rises in such a way that out of 122 million people, 27 million youth in the age group of 20-30 years lost jobs according to CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy). Lockdown in India has brought fear and insecurities. Most of the companies have started laying-off their on-roll and contractual employees due to uncertainty in their business. 

During this tough time, it is heartening to note that there is hope on the horizon. Indeed some Indian companies are ready to take accountability to give their best to overcome the COVID-19 impact on employment.

“If there are millions of problems then there are billions of minds to solve it. Covid19 is an important reminder to all of us to always do what we can, whether big or small, to lend a hand. You never know how we can raise someone’s spirit in some small way and we all need that right now. India’s toughest time when we all should walk hand in hand where Beldara is holding hands of 1000 people in the coming 6 months” said Vinod Singh, Co-Founder of Beldara.

The platform has the power to connect thousands of buyers and sellers to close domestic deals with secured money transactions along with trade assurance, as well as, international Logistics support. Currently, Beldara is taking significant steps to overcome the covid19 pandemic by supplying essentials, wholesale foods, organic products, grocery, medical equipment, diagnostics & disposables, and many more categories.To serve the needs of the Beldara team, employing risk management and for providing continuity to its operations, Beldara has created a parallel set up during COVID-19. 

One of the major reasons behind the hiring of 1000 people from tier 2 and tier 3 cities is to help the Indian B2B businesses to expand. People with experience in these cities will be recruited to strengthen the support team for the assistance of the Beldara members at the supreme. 

Beldara has started operations in the rural area with a set-up office in Parbhani, Maharashtra in the midst of coronavirus. All reasonable precautions are taken into consideration while building the office. It is spacious and adheres to all the social distancing norms in the office.

In the next six months, the hiring will be completed and would bring at least the slightest change in the employment rate which has been going down due to the pandemic., the eCommerce B2B platform has been helping Indian businesses to grow which is very necessary to balance the Indian economy at this point when India is looking forward to being self-reliant (Atma Nirbhar Bharat). is the fastest growing online B2B e-commerce platform that endeavours to simplify the process of conducting business domestically and internationally. Within a year Beldara connected buyers and sellers in more than 127 countries dealing with 30+ categories of products with a family of 5 million users. The Beldara B2B app is available on the App Store as well as Google Play.

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