Social Giveaways is a highly growing global marketing firm, making their clients grow through celebrity marketing campaigns.

The way the advancements we see in the online world as a whole, it is only on the rise with the number of developments and revolutions it leads to each passing day. Looking at such revolutions, it is imperative to notice, that it will take many industries by storm, by introducing newer ideas and concepts that have the potential to disrupt many markets positively towards growth as a whole. One such market that is rising to the top gradually is the digital real estate. Just like people make investments in real estate, where they buy to rent the piece of land for gaining some cash or sell it for profits, digital real estate works similarly.

When it comes to digital, the Instagram handle, domain name, as well as the followers, people accumulate on social media platforms, their entire online structure and their online footprint is nothing but a form of real estate. Hence, digital real estate becomes a tangible asset that people can buy or sell like a house, apartment, etc. It is all about getting on the forefront, building a robust platform, gain the attention and be heard and most importantly make millions online. Three of the dynamic entrepreneurs, namely London Summers, Ryan Pownall & Justin Strong together have created one such platform that offers all of the above and much more through their company called ‘Social Giveaways’.

With the aim to double the value of the digital assets of their clients, they are a powerful and creative team that works towards managing global celebrity campaigns and draw out ways through which celebrities, entrepreneurs, brands and companies can attain exposure exponentially across the globe through organically growing them.

Even amidst a pandemic, the growth of social media and the online world has only seen a rise. Many companies have had to resort to many services online for growing their businesses digitally and increase engagement online. Catering to this idea, London, Ryan and Justin came up with their company Social Giveaways becoming the go-to service, helping brands and companies transfer to a digital presence.

High-net worth individuals like doctors, entrepreneurs, brands, etc. have bought giveaway sponsor slots, who pay handsomely for the same in order to understand the greater good and earn money online. They pay ranging from $3,000 to $10,000, based on factors like an alignment of their follower demographics, the number of followers they think they would gain, and the perceived fame of the celeb. Through this, Social Giveaways earned more than a quarter million in the first six weeks of its inception, and now it has breached a 7- figures sales mark in the first quarter of its launch. They are working towards creating a systems dependent business for launching turnkey campaigns along with the trends of the industry.

Talking about its co-founders, London has a music background, where he is a songwriter and Multi-Platinum Music producer; he has brought all his entertainment industry relations for delivering talent. The marketing ideas and concepts come from Ryan, who is a dynamic marketer and the one who owns the largest Beer Pong festival worldwide with having equity in multiple night clubs. Justin is already a remarkable entrepreneur who brought along with him business acumen. Together these three have made possible the successful launch and growth of their company.

With Social Giveaways, they work with different brands, businesses of all sizes, influencers, and with anyone who has an Instagram account and wants it to grow. They offer online celebrity giveaway to make their clients attain organic followings. Their strategies work with the aim to lead to better metrics, increase lead generation for them, and also help them retain their followers.

Very soon, they would be launching their website, and would also announce a unique influencer campaign; leading them towards a new marketing strategy that would be turnkey for them for implementing. They are keeping pace with the changing trends of the industry and coming up with more modern ideas to develop their clients and their business.

London, Ryan and Justin’s global marketing brand is definitely one of its kind and something that would reach the top of the industry soon. You can Follow Them On Instagram @itsryanpownall @londonsummers @justinstrong

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