O-Launchpad is a space-as-a-service company, launched in 2019 which introduced Odisha to the concept of co-working and shared office spaces.

An emerging IT hub in the making, Odisha has evolved over the years towards massive businesses and growth. With forward-looking leaders come opportunities and with opportunities comes the need of futuristic businesses. One such venture is the O-Launchpad. Incepted in May 2019, this space-as-a-service company provides efficient co-working space solutions to various individuals, startups and SMEs and is a reputed Co-working Space in India.

The brainchild of the social entrepreneur Om Swarup Bindhani, O-Launchpad is synonymous with productivity in Odisha. From desks to offices through to entire headquarters, O-Launchpad creates work environments for hassle-free productivity. Within a year, the co-working in Odisha rose to fame with 6 successful branches operating across the state.

O-Launchpad provides flexible space infrastructure from design and branding through to handholding and operational support. It has brought state-of-the-art co-working spaces inspired from the north and west India to Odisha which was otherwise a traditional market.

O-Launchpad has handheld various companies like PhonePe and UrbanClap to enter and understand opportunity in Odisha. They were also provided operational support in addition to the co-working space. Among other clients, O-Launchpad brought in Tata Communications, Pine Labs to their shared working spaces.

As per reports, 13 Million Indians and 38 Million people around the world were expected to work out of Co-working spaces and business centres. With COVID-19 halting business operations, companies may have reinvented work schedules for their employees unsure of what the future holds. As soon as the pandemic settles, businesses are now looking at removing all unnecessary costs and assets. Co-working and business centres hold the key to this. 

On asking about the journey, Om Bindhani said,” I have been working towards empowering brilliant minds and innovative ventures. O-Launchpad summarises my vision towards guiding individuals, startups and large companies to understand Odisha as a potential market as well as providing operational support. I am backed by a dynamic team at O-Launchpad who have their respective expertise. We have created an engaging and supportive work environment to help the teams work in their comfort zones. Having said that, I see that there’s a long way to go.

The serial entrepreneur Om Bindhani envisions marking Odisha on the international business map. In light of this, he launched Mega Model Hunt, a Fashion Pageant in the year 2011, while he was just an undergrad. Om was one of the youngest founders and directors of a fashion pageant back in the days. Mega Model Hunt is helping model fulfil their dreams with complete transparency and fair means. While the industry is being called out for bias and favouritism, Om Bindhani has given a platform to young models for showcasing the best of their personality.

Another one of his futuristic ventures is Best Of Odisha, a hyper-local vendor aggregator company based out of Bhubaneswar. Best Of Odisha incepted in late 2016 to become the one-stop-shop for the local markets of Odisha. Furthermore, it lists top-rated businesses, popular destinations across Odisha and caters to all industries. The hyperlocal market is now working with the Government of Odisha and is looking for expansion PAN India.

About the exponential growth at Best Of Odisha, Om says,” This is an ode to Odisha. By connecting offline stores to their consumers, we had already bridged the gap that COVID-19 has created. We are working on starting delivery of essential things in the coming weeks. The pandemic gave everyone a reality check and therefore, a refreshed perspective of looking at workplaces and business models. Things are not the same anymore. At Best Of Odisha, we are adding more businesses on the platform constantly.”

Om is a reputed mentor in Startup Odisha and is guiding Startups to the best of his expertise.  Notably, his ventures Mega Model Hunt, O-Launchpad and Best Of Odisha are all bootstrapped and are successfully run by efficient teams under the leadership of Om Bindhani. We hope the visionary continues his quest for more.

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