The website has become highly popular among card game enthusiasts. is a free online website for playing solitaire games. The website has more than 200 versions of Solitaire games all of which are available to play for free on any device you want to. Whether it is your mobile device, your tablet, or your laptop, you can play different solitaires games for free on You will find every possible solitaire variant on as it is full of all 200 solitaire card games such as FreeCell, Golf, Pyramid. A really good thing about the website is that it is a huge database of all solitaire card games and along with that you get help and information regarding every solitaire game variant. 

Tutorials to Learn How to Play

For example, if you want to play Spider solitaire but don’t know how to play it then you can easily click on the Help button and find all about the game. You will find everything about the game starting from the Objective of the game to how the deck is placed and the layout of the game.

So, for people who are big fans of card games, they will surely enjoy their visit to because it is a hub for all card games and if someone is not familiar with any version of solitaire then he can simply read the instructions for the game and start playing it.

Interactive Features

Another feature of this website is to Undo/Redo moves. If you are playing any game and mistakenly you make a wrong move then you can undo it anytime by clicking on the Undo button and the same goes for Redo. 

This makes it easier to play games and to finish the games in case you get stuck in a situation where no other move is possible then you can always undo the previous move and finish the game.

Challenge Yourself to Complete on Record Time

You can also compete with yourself by finishing the game in the least amount of time. When you start the game then the timer also starts and when you finish the game then the timer stops, showing you the time in which you finished the game. You can challenge yourself by trying to finish a game as early as possible to make things more interesting.

For people who are interested in card games but are not familiar with rules & regulations and how solitaire and its variants are played then they will find a detailed tutorial regarding the game, starting from the basics. 

In the tutorial you will learn everything, from the setup and objective of the game to how the table is set up and how the cards are played, everything is available right there on the website.

You won’t find any other website with such a huge database of solitaire variants that are free to play on any platform without requiring you to register an account or download anything. 

Everything is available for free and with each solitaire game you get to know about its rules and regulations and how it’s played. It is a great website to spend your time and sharpen your mind by playing different variants of solitaire without getting bored as there are over 200+ Solitaire Games Online on

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