World Laparoscopy Hospital is the International Centre in entrepreneurship education, training, and research in Minimal Access Surgery.

20 years, 7300 days and over 11000 surgeons and gynecologists trained in laparoscopic and robotic surgery from every corner of the World. This is the story of World Laparoscopy Hospital. The last 20 years have been a memorable and incredible journey for World Laparoscopy Training Institutes.

Laparoscopic training is indispensable in nearly all surgical disciplines. Notwithstanding the controversies, today, patients are flooding the hospitals with requests for laparoscopic surgery, not only for gall bladder disease but also for other surgeries. The situation calls for introspection. Nowadays, laparoscopic skills are mostly taught by simulation models and animal lab outside the medical school. Academic and training centers could provide trainees with this module as a complementary toolbox to extend the training facilities with only a limited time and budget. Laparoscopy is the result of a quantum leap in technological advancement as opposed to the gradual progress that the surgeons have been used to.

Commenting on the launch of the new branch of World Laparoscopy Training Institute in Florida, USA, Dr R.K. Mishra, Director, World Laparoscopy Hospital, said, ‘Surgeons and gynaecologist across the globe face two major challenges in scaling up their laparoscopic skill. First is training at a reasonable cost, and second is navigating the complexities of innovation in the Hands-On offering. World Laparoscopy Training Institute provides affordable, world-class Hands-On laparoscopic training in India, UAE, and now in the USA.

Mostly training in laparoscopic and robotic surgery involves three levels. Atlases of laparoscopic anatomy and technique, lectures on various procedures from practicing specialists in the field and watching of video recordings and attending workshops form the first level. The second stage of training is done on simulators. These devices help the budding laparoscopic surgeon to master eye-hand co-ordination, two-dimensional dissection, mobilization, etc. The third level of training is recommended to be done on animals or by assisting laparoscopic surgeons. At World Laparoscopy Training Institute, these all the levels can be achieved in limited time.

World Laparoscopy Hospital is the International Centre in entrepreneurship education, training, and research in Minimal Access Surgery. What started as a small training institute in Gurgaon that ran courses on laparoscopic surgery, has now become a training powerhouse with its presence spread and established across the World. If laparoscopic surgery is indeed to flourish in the coming years, it is mandatory that established surgeons alike get adequate training in the field. In addition, the young surgical postgraduates must be trained in the craft and skills of laparoscopic surgery in their formative years.

“Execution of Hands-On training is the key,” says Dr R.K. Mishra, “Education is about much more than teaching and learning. True wisdom is in its clinical implementation. The programs of our institute are aimed to develop the surgical skills of doctors and help them in applying their taught skills in real-life situations. For the first time, we are combining our academic and research incubation expertise to provide a holistic course layout,” he added.

Precisely, we want to create this platform as a medium that combines the best of Indian sensibilities with a western outlook to medical education and is eventually rated as a premier laparoscopic training institute. The future plans involve more collaborative efforts between the university and academia for relevant knowledge. I want to take this institutes at the Harvard Level, where excellence would be the quality of results and opportunities would be made available across the globe to every keen surgeon, who is dreaming of having the most significant achievement in their lives.

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