Prolixr’s first product, the Sea Algae Detoxifying Mask is the most viral skincare product on Instagram these days.

The skincare habits of the millennials by promoting the natural look with minimum maquillage has taken the beauty and personal care industry to a whole new level. As more and more people have started to understand that beauty is skin-deep, the demand for good skincare products has increased rapidly over time. The consumers have become active and extra cautious about the ingredients and their concentrations.

Prolixr is a skincare brand, established in the year 2017, which is committed to providing its customers with the most innovative skincare wellness. The brand launched its first product in 2018, namely Prolixr Sea Algae Detoxifying Mask, which is also the most viral skincare product on Instagram these days. Leveraging its unique aroma and the positive effects of its ingredients, Prolixr has been able to penetrate its high-quality products around places. Prolixr has known the importance of offering a highly differentiated experience to its customers and excite them now and then with innovative skin solutions.

Brand Philosophy And Strategy  

“For us, delivering quality products to our customers has been the top priority along with following co-prosperity, respecting customer safety & feedback, and co-existence,” said Jayesh Hans, Aditya Sharma, and Mayur Mahajan, the founders of Prolixr. “We aim to go ‘clean’ with our products, with an uncluttered ingredients list, free of harmful chemicals and parabens, often used in skincare becoming the latest must have for skintelligent customers,” they added. Prolixr has also crafted customer identities and personas for its product to position itself right towards different customer segments.

In the recent past, one of the main reasons for the brand’s success is well-managed brand management practices and continuous customer evaluation. To align the brand’s products with the customers, the founders have been directing continuous focus group discussions and extensive product reviews to narrow down the product’s assessment grids. Additionally, yearly market and customer evaluation is something the brand has been following up without fail, as the founders believe every year has its own utilization story to tell.

Go Inclusive Or Go Home

The unique concept of blending skincare aesthetics with righteous ingredients provides Prolixr with a robust differentiating factor, beyond extending is just a mere concept. Right from inception, the brand has established itself as an innovator in skincare wellness, with its feature of inclusivity.

Also, the founders believe that a good skincare routine is not gender-specific, for which they have grown a clay mask for them too. The team agrees that men need a different approach that appeals to their sensibilities, an approach that does not make them feel that they are buying something for women in a different package, for which they have been working on identifying and organizing the right messages and mediums for communication.

With thorough research in hand, the brand creates customer personas based on their likes and interests. This is derived from the networking platforms helping the brand curate the content and establish the image accordingly. The founders said, “since people are self-seeking, knowing the most about themselves, we aimed to create an image that resonates most of our audience groups, resulting in personalised and individualistic branding.” The message of individuality and inclusivity delivered by the brand is what makes the brand viral amongst the millennials.

Future Products And Challenges

Prioritising skin health and longevity like before, the brand has introduced a new product into the marketplace in the month of July this year. The company has charted its next phase of growth, with respect to launching a new product, continuing to target the millennials for growth. The face of the new product is named as ‘Vitamin C Beauty Shield Serum.’ The unique composition of its ingredients is what sets this serum apart from other products in this lane.

The serum and the mask are sold at their official website as well as multiple other e-commerce sites. Prolixr has been facing a new set of challenges, as it is entering new markets with multiple segments of audience personas, different demographics, and increased competition. Even though Prolixr has positioned itself as a high-quality, premium product in the Indian market, it aims to get a global media landscape with the help of the Internet, which makes the information flow across the countries easily.

Taking steps to position itself carefully across varied customer markets comes across as a big challenge for the brand. Nonetheless, as the market landscape is evolving and is becoming competitive with new skincare brands penetrating in the marketplace, it is imperative for Prolixr to strike the perfect balance between maintaining a unique and competitive strategy and meeting the new and emerging needs of the changing marketplace.

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