Nava Vision’s flagship programs namely Cyber Literacy and Unplug Coding provide education in its literal sense.

Nava Vision, offers an excellent learning platform to knowledge seekers in areas of schooling Education – Both Academics and Non-Academics, Teacher Training and Skill developmental programs and teacher development program. It is certified by Government of Karnataka and funded under the start-up scheme of the Government of India.

The company was started with three major domains Abacus, Vedic Mathematics and Quick Maths. At present, we are dealing with 12 major domains of Non-Academic subjects -Abacus, Vedic Mathematics, Quick Mathematics, Math Club, English club, Science Club, E & E Club, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Unplug Coding and Coding Using Python Language.

Cyber Literacy was one of the focus aspects of Nava Vision. It launched Cyber Literacy to teach the kids about online safety habits to make them take smart digital decision and to secure data. This module of learning involved 12 experiments which demonstrate practically various types of hacking using cyber kit.

Venkatesh S Bijapur, the founder and CEO of Nava Vision envisioned starting an education venture in Bengaluru. This led to the inception of the company in 2015 along with Srideepa Adapa and Bharti Trivedi. Venkatesh had a strong ideology based on the theory of Twelve Multiple Intelligences that any child can conquer the world. He was also nominated for India 5000 Best MSME Award 2018 for his dedication and hard work in building Nava Vision.

There is another unique program namely Unplug Coding which teaches the child the logic of programming without using a computer. Nava Vision’s School Education Program has been exclusively designed for students between the age group from 4+ to 15 years (LKG to 10th standard). Its programs are conducted in schools, B.Ed. Colleges, Teachers Training and Franchise centres.

Nava Vision conducts all these programs with well-designed work books, work sheets, Manuals and booklets with QR Code and Kits with all materials. Science Club and E & E Club includes 16 Experiments and 2 group activities in each level. Many of our text books contain copywrite content. We have 3 publishers namely Notion Press from Chennai, Bluerose Publishers from Delhi and 24/7 Publishers from Kolkata. Our books are widely sold in Amazon, Flipkart ande-books are also available.

Having eventually succeeded in these non-academic domains, Nava Vision ventured into the Academic segment. The company launched an in-depth analytical exercise in 3 non-academic subjects of Math, Science and English.

At present, Nava Vision provides academic guidance for class I to class VII. The experts are determined in introducing new ideas of learning academic subjects that fit the Academic syllabus of NCERT and CBSE to help students’ practice after school hours at their own pace.

Nava Vision would like to help children further develop through multi-level skill set Program on various online platforms. The company also encourages the child by issuing participating certificate and medals through absolutely free. They are also launching to test the abacus skill set of the child.

Nava Vision’s Teacher Training Program is a one-year certified diploma program in Abacus (8 Levels), Vedic Mathematics (6 Levels), English (8 Levels) and Teacher development program with emphasis on Learning Disability course. By enrolling into this diploma Programs, teachers not only develop new skills throughout its three semesters but get an opportunity to sharpen their existing skills. The learning and training are conducted through these modules- Offline, Physical Training, Pre-Recorded Video, Online Training and work Books or work sheets with QR code for every concept. When the QR code is scanned by a Nava vision App, a video linked to the QR code opens and explains the content.

In order to increase the efficiency of the services, Nava Vision developed a franchisee model across India. At present, they have 18+ franchisees at Bangalore, Mysore and Pune. The franchises are trained to handle and assist all their programs.  For more information, visit the website

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