What intrigues Abhishek Gupta the most about this business model is the kind of innovation and new unique marketing trends it has to offer.

Abhishek Gupta, an entrepreneur from Jalandhar, Punjab has been making crackling buzz in recent years. He is now venturing into the vast expanse of the digital space. His ventures have made an authoritative presence as a digital marketing and social media services company.

When quizzed on current business trends, Abhishek said it’s very important for any business model to evolve according to the current needs in the marketplace. For him, it’s the quality of your business product that matters and not the quantity. He further says that eventually if you do have the quality of your business products maintained quantity will automatically follow.

As per Abhishek, any aspiring businessman should be adaptive to the ever-evolving, ever-changing circumstances. Running a business requires a fair amount of grit and passion. Speaking of Ratan Tata, he exemplified the business values that he has been able to create for all his companies. Internationally, he added, Steve Jobs is a remarkable example of innovation and business ethics.

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Abhishek finds digital marketing an unexplored sector despite enormous competition from all over the country. What intrigues Abhishek the most about this business model is the kind of innovation and new unique marketing trends it has to offer. He believes social media marketing works much faster than any traditional or old school marketing. That is what brands look for these days, so being agile and dynamic becomes extremely important.

The thoughtful entrepreneur says, “The best part of this industry is that there’s nothing to hide. Your work is all over the internet and you can’t hide or brag anything about it. The portfolio is always there in the open. So, it becomes easier to connect to International clients as well.

Abhishek himself has a great digital presence on his Instagram and Facebook where his fans regularly keep in touch with him for any business advice. He says he likes doing that because while growing up he lacked a business mentor and today if he’s in a position to help and guide young budding entrepreneurs, it gives him immense satisfaction to help them.

This is a complete workaholic alongside being an optimistic and enthusiastic guy with the mind frame of never giving up. The young lad hustled hard day and night to shape his work culture and broaden his base.

On a closing note, when we asked him about his future plans, he observed reservation and said that one should never mention something until they make it a reality.”However, I hope I can inspire budding entrpreneurs with my upcoming ventures” he added.

We wish Abhishek Gupta the very best for all his future endeavours.

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