Divij Bajaj’s Power Gummies have brought attention to nutrition which people miss out amid their hectic lifestyle.

“Two Gummies A Day Keeps The Doctor At Bay” Have you heard of cute gummy magic? They are one of the world’s most loved gummies, and Divij Bajaj has outdone by introducing a new industry dimension of gummy supplements in India – tasty, effective, and nutritious. Bringing in force a health supplement startup company with a philosophy of ‘Health inspired by Happiness’ and an aim of catering to adult nutrition driving away from the fear of bitter tasting medicines or pills.

An MBA graduate and alumni of KMC College, University of Delhi endeavoured to follow his imagination to reality, when no one could believe his vision would work and today his nutraceutical startup is a market leader in its segment delivering a stellar performance, building public trust and giving rise to a community of loyalists who have continued to support the brand to this day.

Divij describes how a brainwave idea came through a personal experience changing his outlook towards nutrition. His mother hated medical pills, and she would desist from taking any vitamin supplements. She believed that every tablet was a medicine. So, he would try different ways to make it comforting for her by crushing and mixing them with honey or chocolate. His entrepreneurial mind loved solving issues and understood the call was to devise a supplement that wouldn’t look like another medicine yet tasty, bringing Power Gummies in 2018.

Bringing attention to Nutrition which people miss out on their hectic lifestyle following the slogan of his startup, ‘2 gummies a day, For effective nutrition as we say’ he promotes. Divij didn’t want his product to be similar to the other multivitamins which brought him to decide on gummy supplements with his R&D. The road to becoming a successful business founder was difficult, but he focussed on his intrinsic motivation when everyone believed it to be another kiddish idea. He quotes, “When you think differently, people may question what you bring to the canvas when you start to paint. One should continue to paint by all means, and the voices will be silenced”.

Divij stood as a one-man army believing to focus on his vision all alone changing the game for him. He mentions that struggle seems meaningless once you derive the great happiness from the process of working towards achieving your goals. Before starting Aesthetic Nutrition, Divij, founded his Edtech platform called The Admission Portal to ease the admission related problems faced by both students and parents which later got merged to become Justdakhila. He also started his silent disco chain by the name of ‘Headphones’. It was because of his dedication and hard work that led to the launch of Power Gummies.

He embarked on his journey single-handedly managing the existence of Power Gummies initially by stepping into every role – research, procurement, conceptualisation and sample distribution for pilot trials to building a large team of young, highly-qualified and experienced professionals. This insightful experience allows him to foresee the upcoming industry trends and the future course of his venture.

Divij Bajaj has been awarded the Best Emerging Entrepreneur 2020 by Business Mint. His diligence and stark sight have achieved his startup recognition as the Top Startup to Watch in 2020, by INC42 and Best Innovative Nutrition Product 2020 by Forbes, India. His thorough leadership has achieved his startup a peak with its single variant and a spectacular recognition of #1 Bestseller on Amazon in the gummy vitamin category.

An undefeated entrepreneur who is a brand in himself, striving outrightly to uplift Power Gummies already touching over 1,00,000+ lives and selling off 20,00,000+ gummies with sourced funding by DSG Consumer Partners and looks forward to expanding the company’s footprint with a series of new variants.

Truly, an effortless inspiration to the budding entrepreneurial mindsets who advises, “I believe one should never step back and consider criticism as a motivating factor. Leadership isn’t about people, organizations, plans, or strategies. Always look for solutions to problems around you.” With this in mind, he is leaving no stone unturned to create a new benchmark for the adult nutrition market.

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