For nearly a decade, Nicola Palacios has applied his intrinsic talents in the realm of marketing to the education and inspiration of Multi-Level Marketing and Network Marketing professionals alike. The Bogota, Colombia citizen is currently regarded as one of the top professionals in the network marketing industry and has trained and grown the careers of thousands of people in his organization. Born on September 5, 1988, his status and accomplishments would be admirable for a veteran with several decades of experience under his belt, let alone a man freshly conquering his 30s.

Over the past two years, Palacios has been studying the financial markets, and has amassed over 1000 hours of chart. (taking this verbatim from onboard form, not sure what this refers to or if charity was meant here?) His wisdom and commitment to the methodical acquisition and contemplation of crucial data and statistics have made him a highly respected mentor within his industry. Nicola’s driving force is his firm belief in the pursuit of self improvement and evolution, leaving no opportunity for advancement unpursued. He encourages all those he guides to likewise challenge themselves and break their limiting beliefs in order to realize their true potential.

Nicola Palacios

Palacios is the creator of Team Delta, which is currently one of the biggest personal development teams in the world. He will take on anyone interested in learning how to tame the tumultuous waves of the marketing industry, but he reveals that an ideal candidate is one who is open to learning unconventional skills in order to follow in the proprietary methods that have served him so well.

Nicola belongs to the IM Mastery Academy, the number one trading education network marketing across the globe. Currently, Palacios holds the revered status of Chairman 100, being one of only 3 Latinx people in the world to enjoy this title. The key prerequisites he champions to those attempting to follow in his footsteps are leadership training, sales training, and experience in digital marketing, just to name the essentials. With a laundry list of accolades like that of Nicola, aspiring marketing experts are encouraged to take note of his every suggestion.

A man who has already accomplished so much and yet still finds himself in a position to conquer leagues more in life is certainly one to watch out for. The untapped potential of Nicola Palacios is inarguably immense, and those who invest in his mentorship are without a doubt destined for greatness as well.

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