Sharda University has made its admission test SUAT 2020 Artificial Intelligence-enabled.

Universities and college campuses across the world are feeling the ‘no buzz’ environment. The outbreak of Coronavirus has impacted significantly the education system affecting the academic pursuits of millions of students everywhere with 1.53 billion students out of school and colleges.

Sharda University has been among the first few movers in the world to challenge the Coronavirus pandemic. The University has taken commendable digital initiatives to ensure that the students’ academics do not suffer due to the current pandemic situation, which has already gripped the world. It has brilliantly adopted a multi-pronged strategy of inclusive e-learning solutions (remote-based) to cope up with the prevailing crisis in the Indian education system. To ensure continuity of learning, the university is now delivering online classes for different schools and disciples across all the courses continuously.

It’s no wonder that Sharda University has scored 150/150 points in all parameters and received QS I∙GAUGE E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation (E-LEAD) certification. Some of the indicators where Sharda University scored full marks included – Live tutorial sessions, live streaming of seminars/lectures, pre-recorded lectures/tutorial sessions, virtual one-to-one student-faculty meetings and feedback exercise. The certifying agency was also very impressed with the fact that Sharda University has adequate IT support to successfully conduct online teaching and learning.

Innovations in Education and Learning Strategies during COVID-19

Online lectures are conducted by industry-best teachers using advanced technologies like Zoom, Google Classrooms and Virtual Labs. The distinguished faculty of Sharda University is available through phone calls and WhatsApp to assist the students in their continuous e-learning process. The iCloud LMS software that the University subscribes to is cloud-based and highly advanced. Even for the students residing in remote areas, teachers are proactively providing them with class-notes and assignments with solutions over WhatsApp and email or even through audio lectures.

Sharda University’s approach towards online education does not end with lectures and Virtual training at labs. The University regularly organises E-Conferences and Seminars on pertinent topics to make the students be in sync with what’s happening across the globe. Quite a few motivational lectures have also been organised to address the mental health of students. In fact, a regularly monitored helpline managed by Counsellors has been set-up in the University. There’s a continuous mentoring of students through interactions via telephones, emails, via various digital and social media platforms so that they remain calm and stress-free.

While the pandemic has brought challenging times with it, Sharda University has made its prestigious admission test SUAT, Artificial Intelligence-enabled. A remote-proctored online solution has been made available for students taking the test. The move from conventional test to an online examination will enable candidates to take the test from the convenience of their home without worrying about their health and safety in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

Like centre-based testing, SUAT will require candidates to complete a virtual self-check-in process, which includes enhanced identification, authentication and, after successful validation, the candidate will be approved to take the test. The remote proctoring tool allows students to conveniently and easily take the SUAT exam while being monitored online using a webcam and the respondents’ computer screen.

Sharda University’s sprawling 63-acre campus offers world-class learning facilities and has taken all measures for the safety of students from COVID-19 through regular sanitization. Posters and signages have been put up at strategic locations to inform about the safety measures taken by the University. The on-campus 900+ beds Sharda Hospital also has a dedicated testing facility for COVID-19. This gives Sharda University the unique distinction of being the only Pvt. University in Delhi-NCR with its own 700+ beds COVID-19 hospital & medical college. Another feather in the cap is that Sharda Hospital is the first and only L3 COVID-19 Private hospital selected by UP Govt. Any student/staff catching first symptoms can rest assured about getting the right treatment.

According to Mr Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Chancellor, Sharda University, “We’re committed to enabling students to fulfil their hopes and dreams of learning in the COVID-19 era. We have been using the latest e-learning technologies to make learning easier for students. We are also considering a number of precautionary options, to ensure that the students are well-positioned to adapt as the situation evolves. These include exploring flexible start dates and delivering courses via remote learning.”

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