The young under 25 blogger and influencer strongly professes the idea of self-love and also overcoming insecurities in life.

The world is so full of people who struggle day and night about not just the things they see in the outside world, but most importantly, the struggles they face inside them. Such people are the ones who very easily get bogged down by life and find it difficult to raise themselves up overcoming all those challenges. Because of the internet, the world on one side is getting smaller and on the other hand, also getting closer.

As more and more people keep posting stuff on social media platforms about their journeys in life, their small or big achievements and the lifestyle they live, people sometimes do get affected by all these things and start comparing their lives with others, not realizing that every individual has a different path to take in life. Therefore, it is essential to talk about self-love and overcoming the many insecurities that people face in life. Emphasizing on the same issues and making a positive difference in people’s lives is a young influencer and blogger from Mumbai named Chahna Soni.

Soni has proved her mettle already as a talented blogger and influencer who caters to not just one niche audience, but to many. She has a strong voice in areas of health, fitness, beauty and lifestyle. Chahna Soni has almost created a rage across social media platforms being an incredible influencer.

The young influencer believes and wants people to take note that there is a slight difference between self-love and body positivity. “Body positivity was a social justice movement that was initiated back in the 1960s with the aim to give people with marginalized bodies basic human rights. Whereas, self-love is about accepting and celebrating the bodies we have and feel content and happy about the same,” says Soni. “However, both the terms of body positivity and self-love have been unfortunately used interchangeably, lessening the impact of the movement that was created years ago,” she adds.

Chahna Soni is acing beauty and lifestyle influencing -  Digpu News

Notably, the insecurities of people still remain somewhere deep inside by creating useful content for people. She tries to speak on these matters and make a difference in people’s lives by positively changing their mindsets. Chahna Soni is also very vocal about being beautiful inside out and not just depending on beauty products to come out of the vicious circles of insecurities and getting to know their higher selves.

Soni has been a graduate from SNDT University, Mumbai with a degree in Interior Designing. Apart from having a knack for dancing, doing her PhD in Kathak, she further became a Diamond Graduate from the Gemological Institute of America. As an influencer in the online world, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with prominent brands of the industry as well as international brands.

Chahna Soni makes it a strong point by explaining that people can love themselves and practice body positivity, overcome the many body-related biases of themselves and the society and battle the insecurities, helping them ultimately to reach the point of understanding the self and leading a positive life.

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