A true role model for many, Aliza Rajan’s strong will and conviction to take the modelling world to the highest realms of the industry.

The world of modelling as a whole has transformed over the years. Initially, people only focused on how a model looked and failed to pay attention to their skills, talents and etiquette. However, with the changing trends of the industry, it was imperative to see a massive change in the world of beauty and modelling as well. It was then that a few of them started to accept women as they are and being inclusive of all with different sizes and shapes. In fact, this is something that all the pageants in the world need to learn and consider for the future growth of the industry.

The glamour world every now and then gets mesmerized by someone who takes over the heart of people by their beauty. Aliza Rajan is one such young woman, known for her beauty and her humility in the industry. Hailing from Mombasa, Kenya, she is the winner of Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2015 pageant. Through her own company and the franchise she took over, Aliza became the changemaker in the industry with her pageant that accepts women of all shapes and sizes.

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Aliza Rajan is one of the most popular fashion models nowadays and she works with many local and international brands. She has developed a tribe of her own on social media. The quote ‘beauty with brains’ perfectly fits in her context. After winning the beauty pageant, she also took over the franchise. It is because of her intelligence and hard work that she is now also the National Director for Miss India Worldwide Kenya.

With such a big responsibility, she uses this platform for the greater good for the women of the society. Aliza runs and support many women-related initiatives and continuously works for the betterment of the women. This way she is also inspiring many young girls and women through her work and has become an inspiring figure for her followers and supporters.

Aliza Rajan is the owner of the pop-up shop by Aliza Rajan and Eventique Limited, Kenya. Whether it is beauty, glamour or business, Aliza has done it all. She has become a true symbol of woman empowerment. The constant work ethic and the will to keep improving and moving forward has always been her attitude. This positive character has influenced thousands of people and has always continued to do so. She is in a real sense, an influencer and a role model for all the young girls around the world.

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