Richa Mongia has a variety of skills that includes designing based on a variety of themes, basic Vastu, and Psychology of different colours.

Richa Mongia is a leading entrepreneur in the designing industry and has created innovative designs for her dedication and passion for several homes. Being an excellent contender in whatever she does, her clients entirely love her work and look forward to getting their projects done from her only. Her name is famous for interior design, as her work is genuinely inspiring and appealing to the eyes. No matter if you want to renovate or design your commercial or residential space, she has expertise in all aspects.  

Get your home, shop, showroom, office, or any other place designed by this lady, and she will do it with love and care. An interior designer by profession, a wife, mother, and daughter at home has been managing all roles with sheer dedication. She is a visionary, who aces everything she does, and people talk about her amazing work in the industry.   

Richa Mongia started her journey as an interior designer three years ago with her enterprise ‘Live Fabulous – Redefining Interiors’. Within such a short span of time, she has made a name for herself. With the artistic stint in her, she has also done a residential project in Shanti Niketan.

Richa Mongia learned interior design before starting her venture for more than two decades. Parallelly she was also working with an interior design MNC to furnish her skills. Richa pursued her passion through a full-time job at the company and learned tips and tricks to add more purity to her work. By taking all the teaching significantly, and polishing herself every day, she has made it so far. With her hard work and passion for the industry has successfully attained several milestones.  

She was also able to climb up the hierarchy in a corporate setup and achieved the title of ExCom Member. She started from an Executive, and with the commitment, she successfully went on crossing each hurdle conveniently. This amazing personality won several awards and accolades, and she proved that a single person could conveniently handle several roles if there is a will in the heart.  

Her area of expertise is not limited to a single segment, and she has a variety of technical skills with which she has made everything possible. Her expertise includes Designing based on a variety of Themes, Managing People with her Skills, Effective Planning of Space, Excellent Organizational Skills, Strong Skills to Manage Time Effectively, Basic Vastu, and Psychology of different colors. It is because of several skills in different aspects that she has been doing everything to satisfy her clients’ different needs. 

She knows a variety of technicalities that make it possible for her to provide unique designs in this modern era. She knows Structural and Electrical AutoCAD. Schematic Design, MS Office 2010, Adobe Photoshop, 3Ds Max are a few technicalities she can compete against anyone with.  

All of these made it possible for her to win the Best Emerging Interior Designer 2020 – Gurgaon. The Business Mint Nationwide Awards presents this award to Richa Mongia for her incredible work in the interior designing field. She has served several clients such as DLF – The Crest, Emaar Palm Drive, The Belaire, DLF Park Place, Vipul Lavanya, Mapsko Casabella, etc.  

This is one of the most significant business awards that Richa Mongia has won in the year 2020. However, she has also been awarded some other awards in her field. A vast audience glimpsed the huge ceremony, where this personality was awarded the title of Best emerging Interior Designer. With just a few years of work, she has been able to thrive in a very competitive world. Richa Mongia won this award in the category of “Best Emerging Interior Designer.”  

She has amazing corporate excellence, because of which she has addressed great success. The jury decided the winner based on several features, and she had the privilege of receiving this award for her dedication and fascination. 

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