Partners with a number of NGOs to provide fodder and medicines to abandoned cows

The Dinesh Shahra Foundation (DSF) has strengthened its ‘Gau Shakti Abhiyan’ (a programme for the wellbeing of cows) during the pandemic which also affected the cattle population adversely due to shortage of fodder and medicines.

The Foundation recently conducted a program to provide fodder and medicines to cows at locations across India. To expand its reach, DSF has partnered with a number of Cow Welfare NGOs like Shri Swami Vishnu Ashram, Budlandshah; Shri Mataji Gauvansh Seva, Mathura and Bharati Yogadham, Mysore. Accordingly, Distribution Camps were organized as a part of the Gau Shakti Abhiyan of DSF benefitting hundreds of cattle.

“Gaushakti Abhiyaan is one of the core areas of action for DSF. Thousands of cows were abandoned in our country in the aftermath of the pandemic as our economy suffered. Adoption and rehabilitation of these cows is a humane cause to which we are fully committed”, said Mr Dinesh Shahra while elaborating on the rationale of the initiative. 

Dinesh Shahra Foundation Conducts Gau Shakti Abhiyan At Kanha Upvan Gaushala Near Banaras - Digpu
Dinesh Shahra Foundation during Gau Shakti Abhiyan At Kanha Upvan Gaushala Near Banaras(File Pic)

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“Cows have a special place in Indian society and culture. Respect for these animals is synonymous with regard for Sanatan values. Caring for these innocent animals will help inculcate humane values in our future generations”, he further added.

It is noticeable that most of the organizations that DSF has shortlisted as partners for execution of Gaushakti Abhiyaan are run by on-ground volunteers. This ensures that all the funds are optimally utilized directly for the cause. 

The Dinesh Shahra Foundation (DSF) has been founded out of gratitude for all the knowledge capital Shri Dinesh Shahra has gained over the last 50 years. The foundation is built with an intention to ‘Give Back’ to the entities that are responsible for the material and spiritual development of the society. Spirituality, sustainability, and education are the core causes of DSF.

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