A very important rule starting out when leveraging debt is that the investment has proven to pay off and hence is low risk.

At just 23 years old, Yan Stavisski was already $82,000 in debt. After realizing two prestigious college degrees were not going to land him a job, Yan decided to go off on his own and launch six businesses over the course of two years – and every single one of them failed. Just three years later, Yan Stavisski is a celebrity Credit consultant operating multiple businesses while travelling to over 20 countries each year and is a mentor to thousands.

Growing up

Despite the obvious hunger for entrepreneurship at an early age, Yan Stavisski’s parents believed a college education was necessary for a successful life. While Yan had enough savings from his endeavours to pay for his own college education, most take on large debt for a college education that will likely prove to be useless.

Losses with lessons – Why 99% are set up to fail?

“A very important rule starting out when leveraging debt is that the investment has proven to pay off and hence is low risk. College is the exact opposite for most people and is a liability from the start”, Yan explains. For him, college resulted in zero job offers even after applying to over 100 companies after graduating from college with a Finance and a Marketing degree.

Yan Stavisski says, “It happens from the beginning, even at a young age that we are conditioned to think a certain way about debt and it is like that because mass lack of financial knowledge results in massive profits for banks, schools, and governments. This is why education about credit is rare among schools and colleges.” At 22, realizing that college will not help him get a job, Yan went off to launch seven different businesses and due to his lack of financial knowledge, Yan ended up in $82,000 worth of debt. “This was my rock bottom and it was the most important turning point in my life,” Yan says.

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The turning point, from clueless to educated

Yan realized that his lack of knowledge about finances, particularly credit was what landed him in such a hopeless scenario and with that, he spent the next 12 months doing things completely differently. Because the debts were getting out of control and Yan Stavisski knew he had no skills, he landed a sales job for income and to better his sales skills knowing he’ll be needing it as an entrepreneur moving forward. The remaining time Yan spent learning everything about credit and how to use it properly once repaired.

“Most people don’t know this but debt is good, amazing actually if you use it correctly” Yan explains. He goes on to say “From expanding an already profitable business to acquiring real-estate, credit is the foundation to make it possible!”

Giving back and educating thousands

Realizing 99% of people lack financial literacy just like Yan did, he founded his company King Credit Inc to help educate people about credit and how to use it properly for starting a business, acquiring assets, and even travelling for free using travel rewards. Today, his company has thousands of paying customers around the world with Yan Stavisski considered to be a mentor to a large number of his clientele. 

Today, Yan’s deep knowledge of credit allows him to live a life most would call ‘ideal’. From travelling to over 20 countries yearly in first-class cabins for free leveraging credit travel rewards to acquiring real estate and businesses that pay him without having to work a 9-5 job, Yan Stavisski has really turned credit into something that once that left him financially broke to living an abundant, successful life of freedom just several years later.

So the main takeaway here is that what you might have believed to be true about credit is completely false and while debt can be good, it will usually bite you in the rear if you lack knowledge about how to properly use it.

Connect with Yan Stavisski on Instagram or check him out on his site www.yanstavisski.biz to learn more about Yan and how he helps thousands of others get financially educated.

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