Mazayah Legend Andrews’ shift from being a passionate football player to being an influential entrepreneur is sending waves of inspiration across the world.

Over the years people have heard about so many individuals who started from nothing at hand but then went ahead to carve a niche for themselves into the entrepreneurial world and with this created a league for themselves in that particular business industry.

Many people, since their childhood, develop a passion, acquire more knowledge about it, hone their skills and decide to achieve something bigger in the same. However, some others, after growing up, realize that there is more to life and much better opportunities that can turn them from being an ordinary talent to an extraordinary phenomenon.

We came across one such gifted individual, who once pursued his dream to become a footballer because of his love and passion for the same, but later turned to the entrepreneurial world concerning the fashion clothing industry and today serves as one of the most sought-after young entrepreneurs across the US. He is Mazayah Legend Andrews, born in 1984 in Boynton Beach.

He attended the Sacramento City College and studied from Florida Atlantic University, majoring in Psychology. All through his academic career, Mazayah remained an outstanding football player, earning great recognition in the sport. However, later he realized that the entrepreneurial world is also something that must be explored and so to quench his thirst for the same, he made the tough decision to leave his passion of the sport and commence his entrepreneurial journey into the fashion clothing industry. In his journey to seek the right opportunities in the same, he got in touch with Stonecrest Mall’s director to pitch in the idea of his fashion brand and since then, Mazayah has never looked back.

With his strong will, determination and tenacity, Mazayah Legend Andrews today has a net worth of $2.1 million; this shows his undying efforts and hard work in achieving what he set his focus and mind onto. The self-made millionaire is the proud owner of his company called ‘Vakarui Paris Collection’, which he founded in 2015. This brand today is one of the rising most fashion clothing brands, based in Hallandale, Florida. What’s even more amazing about it is that the collection of shoes at Vakarui Paris is also made with cutting-edge ideas, which are hand-crafted in Italy, made from original Italian leather, blending in the best quality make, contemporary style and a perfect look.

Vakarui Paris Collection grew to be a brand sought by many in the US, and this also resulted in it making it in the elite and illustrious fashion shows in Atlanta and Miami. A few years ago, the fashion clothing brand by Mazayah Legend Andrews started its operations with just two models. And today, with the growing popularity and the amount of fame it has garnered all these years with its consistency in quality, designs and comfort, various notable and renowned pop-culture icons and celebrities got associated with Vakarui Paris Collection.

Mazayah Legend Andrews has emerged as one of the leaders with his fashion brand in the industry, sacrificing his football career and gaining incredible recognition and respect with his entrepreneurship. His business in the fashion industry with Vakarui Paris Collection is operated by him through social media platforms as well as two branches in Atlanta, one at Stonecrest Mall and the other opposite to the Lenox Mall.

With his company Vakarui Paris Collection, Mazayah has taken the fashion apparel industry by storm by dropping many unique, trendy and comfortable clothing line that people can relate to and get attracted largely.

Apart from showing his prowess as not just a former sportsman and present entrepreneur, Mazayah turned into an author as well, writing his book called ‘Should you take the plunge?’ , which speaks all about entrepreneurship, helping people by guiding them with the ways, Mazayah used to excel in his entrepreneurial journey so far.

Mazayah Legend Andrews is a phenomenon and the self-made millionaire in the entrepreneurial industry, who has become a massive inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs across the globe. For more information, visit his Instagram.

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